Data Science, MS

Department Chairperson: Dennis Brylow, Ph.D.
Master of Science Program Director: Praveen Madiraju, Ph.D.
Certificate Program Director: Walter Bialkowski, Ph.D.

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Data Science Master of Science website

Degree Offered

Master of Science

Program Description

The data science master of science targets the growing demand for data science talent through a unique Marquette mission-oriented curriculum of theory-based and hands-on data analytics courses that prepare graduate students to tackle today’s problems in the ever-growing data-driven world.

Learning outcomes for students completing the master's program:

  1. Represent, manipulate, analyze and interpret big data using exploratory, inferential methods and use packages/tools in effective ways.
  2. Recognize and analyze ethical and social issues in data science.
  3. Apply and evaluate complex models to devise solutions for data science tasks.
  4. Interpret data science analysis outcomes and draw conclusions using effective written, graphical, and verbal tools and techniques.