English, MA

Chairperson: Gerry Canavan, Ph.D.
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Degree Offered

Master of Arts

Program Description

To study English is to explore the world through texts. Students of English learn how literary and cultural forms interact with history, politics and ideology to create meaning; participate in the most important conversations of our day through reflective, argumentative and creative writing; and discover their own voices as writers.

In the master of arts program in English, students enrich their study of literature through a rigorous, personalized, project-based postgraduate experience that prepares them to achieve their professional and personal goals. Under the guidance of a faculty mentor, master of arts students design a program of study that includes traditional course work in small, discussion-based classes and can include on- or off-campus internships and a culminating thesis or project. This flexibility prepares students for an array of future plans, including careers in a range of fields such as academia, law, library sciences, education, publishing, nonprofits and business.

Admitted master’s students are eligible for Marquette’s standard tuition discount for humanities graduate degrees.