History, MA

Chairperson: Lezlie S. Knox, Ph.D.
Department of History Graduate Program website

Degree Offered

Master of Arts

Program Description

History includes politics, economics, and aesthetics, as well as social, spiritual and cultural relations—our past, our present, and our potential as human beings. The history graduate program, mindful of the discipline’s manifold importance and application, offers master of arts and doctoral degree programs in breadth and depth, allowing for diverse professional outcomes.

Graduate study in history permits students to increase their knowledge of the past and the processes that have shaped the human experience. Such study may prepare students for careers in scholarship, teaching, public service fields, cultural institutions, and many business settings.

General Information

Direction and Advising

The director of graduate studies is charged with directing the department’s graduate programs and with the general advising of all graduate students in matters of course selection, financial aid, and placement. In addition, each student chooses, in consultation with the director of graduate studies, a field adviser who directs the student’s field-specific work, including: the master’s essay, the selection of post-master’s course work, completion of the Doctoral Program Planning Form and the doctoral dissertation.

Degree Overview

Students begin with the course HIST 6100 The Art and Craft of History, which addresses methodological and epistemological approaches to the study of history at the graduate level. Master of arts candidates concentrate major/minor fields in American, European (including medieval), global histories, or public history in their 30 hours of course work. They must also submit a master’s essay to fulfill degree requirements.