Electrical and Computer Engineering, PHD

Chairperson: Majeed Hayat, Ph.D.
Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Programs website

Degree Offered

Doctor of Philosophy

Mission Statement

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering embraces the missions of Marquette University and its College of Engineering. The mission of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is to offer its students high quality, up-to-date, nationally-recognized programs in electrical and computer engineering that prepare them for successful careers. This success is marked by a commitment to lifelong learning and a deep concern for the impact of their work on others, research that advances the frontiers of technical and scientific knowledge and service to professional and civic communities.

Program Description

The doctor of philosophy degree program is designed to provide graduate students with both broad fundamental knowledge and up-to-date information on current and emerging technologies. Students may enroll on either a full-time or part-time basis (with the exception of the one-year residency requirement for doctoral students). Doctoral students engage in research activities under the close supervision of their advisers, gradually learning to become independent researchers. Their projects often are supported by government and industry grants. Courses and research activities make significant use of the department’s extensive laboratory and computer facilities. Graduates find employment in industry, research facilities, government and academia.

General Information

All admitted students are required to obtain and read the department’s Graduate Student Handbook, which contains complete details about the electrical and computer engineering programs and additional departmental degrees. This handbook is available through the Electrical and Computer Engineering Office, (414) 288-6820 and on the department’s graduate programs website.