Applied Statistics, MS

Chairperson: Anne Clough, Ph.D.
Program Director: Cheng-Han Yu, Ph.D.

Applied Statistics website

Degree Offered

Master of Science, students are admitted under Plan B (non-thesis option) but may request Plan A (thesis option)

Program Description

The master of science program in applied statistics offered by the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences teaches students the science of data. It produces graduates who deal with big data, perform statistical analysis to detect hidden patterns in data, perform risk factor analysis and perform predictive analysis. Statistical data science utilizes principled foundations in mathematics with applications in many fields such as social sciences, engineering, business, biomedical sciences and economics. The master of science in applied statistics is intended for students who have a mathematical background (not necessarily having a degree in mathematics) that want to develop strong data analytic skills to solve complex, real world problems. This program meets the needs for recent graduates who are seeking a master’s degree program in applied statistical science, and for mid-career workers with a solid quantitative background who are seeking a graduate program in applied statistics either for career advancement or for a career change. Students may select courses from a large number of approved courses offered by the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences and other units on campus.

Students may pursue the degree on a full-time or part-time basis. Full-time, dedicated students can complete the degree in as little as 12 months. Most courses are offered in the evenings.

General Information

Students interested in applying to the program should consult the program website for additional information, including a list of currently approved courses for the degree.