Research Involving Humans, Animals, Radioisotopes or Recombinant DNA/Transgenic Organisms

If human subjects, animals, radioisotopes, or recombinant DNA/transgenic organisms are involved in students' research, these students must also satisfy other federally- and state-mandated requirements prior to initiating the research. These requirements are administered by the Marquette University Office of Research Compliance (ORC).

  • For human subjects, students must submit a protocol for review and approval by the Marquette University Institutional Review Board prior to initiating the project. Note: IRB approval may take up to a month or more.
  • For animal research, students must be properly trained and listed as personnel on a faculty member’s active Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee-approved animal protocol. Students are not allowed to serve as principal investigators on Marquette University animal protocols.
  • For radioactive material use, only authorized users are allowed to obtain this material. Students must complete the training to become a radiation worker; radiation workers can work with radioactive materials only under the supervision of an authorized user.
  • For recombinant DNA or transgenic organism research, students are only allowed to work with these materials while under the direct supervision of a faculty member who has received Institutional Biosafety Committee approval.

For more information about these four areas of compliance, including forms and submission procedures, refer to the ORC website. Students may contact the Office of Research Compliance for more information by phone at (414) 288-7570 (human subjects), (414) 288-1779 (radiation safety) or (414) 288-6271 (animals and biosafety). Approval of the outline by the Graduate School does not constitute approval by ORC. Note: Non-compliance may affect acceptance of students' projects as part of their degree.