Anthropology, BA

The Anthropology major is designed to give students exposure to the four main fields of anthropology:

  1. Cultural Anthropology, which focuses on living cultures and their social relationships.
  2. Biological Anthropology, which is the comparative study of human variation and evolution.
  3. Archaeology, which studies the material remains of past cultures.
  4. Linguistics, the study of human languages.

Students gain a rich perspective on both the universal threads that bind humans together and the rich tapestry of global cultural diversity. Students with a major in anthropology leave Marquette with great chances of admission to graduate and professional schools. Others pursue careers in education, public health, international business, archaeology, human rights work, historic preservation and more.

Cultural Anthropology and Linguistics Courses:
ANTH 2101Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH 2203Human Geography3
ANTH 2301Language and Culture3
ANTH 3100Urban Anthropology3
ANTH 3312Anthropology of Religion3
ANTH 3330Gender and Sexuality in Cross-Cultural Perspective3
ANTH 3350Native Peoples of North America3
ANTH 3360People and Cultures of the Middle East3
ANTH 4316Culture Change and Development3
ANTH 4320Culture, Law and Violence3
Biological Anthropology Courses:
ANTH 1201Introduction to Biological Anthropology3
ANTH 2201Human Evolutionary Processes3
ANTH 3153Demography3
ANTH 4247Bioarchaeology: Linking Bones and Behavior3
ANTH 4251Human Osteology and Odontology3
ANTH 4252Origins of the Human Species3
ANTH 4253Forensic Anthropology3
ANTH 4255Sex, Gender and Evolution3
Archaeology Courses:
ANTH 2401Archaeology and Prehistoric Cultures3
ANTH 2501Science, Myth and Fraud3
ANTH 3250North American Archaeology3
ANTH 3543Archaeology of Ancient Egypt3
ANTH 3546Archaeology in Action: Ethnographic and Experimental Approaches3
ANTH 4144The Rise of Agriculture3
ANTH 4245The Rise of States3
ANTH 4247Bioarchaeology: Linking Bones and Behavior3
ANTH 4964Archaeological Fieldwork3


  • ANTH 4986 Advanced Internship in Anthropology may not be counted toward the major or minor in Anthropology.