Chinese Language and Cultures (Introductory), Concentration

The introductory concentration responds to the need of promoting and expanding the knowledge of Mandarin Chinese language and the cultures of Chinese-speaking regions in the United States. It is designed to move the students with no or basic knowledge of Mandarin Chinese toward an intermediate-low proficiency, allowing them to

  • develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Mandarin Chinese. 
  • discuss cultural readings from the Mandarin-speaking world.
  • successfully handle a limited number of uncomplicated communicative tasks by using the language in straightforward social situations. 
  • successfully handle conversation restricted to some of the concrete exchanges and predictable topics necessary for survival in the target-language culture. 
  • be generally understood by sympathetic interlocutors, particularly by those accustomed to dealing with non-natives.
  • demonstrate cultural awareness and respect toward the Mandarin-speaking communities.

All students are strongly encouraged to take a language proficiency test at the end of the program.