English, BA

The English Department offers courses in literary and cultural studies, creative writing, rhetoric and composition, and linguistics. English majors develop broadly applicable and transferable skills in writing, textual analysis, creative thinking, and empathetic understanding that provide the foundation for careers in a wide range of fields. Students choose from three concentrations—Teaching Language Arts, Literature, and Writing-Intensive English—and may also participate in the Honors in Humanities Program and in the Accelerated Degree Program, in which they begin graduate study for an MA during their senior year.


The major in English offers students three concentrations: Teaching Language Arts Grades 4-12 (for future teachers), Literature, and Writing-Intensive English.


The Teaching Language Arts Grades 4-12 concentration is designed for students who are also majoring in Education in the College of Education. The requirements of the Language Arts concentration are aligned with Wisconsin DPI standards. Language Arts students have access to courses on pedagogy as well as courses that enable them to design independent pedagogical projects to prepare them to excel in their teaching careers. 33 credit hours.


The Literature concentration emphasizes reading, discussing, and writing in multiple modes and genres about compelling literature and culture across historical, national and social traditions. Literature students develop critical thinking skills, an expansive ethical imagination and authentic writing and speaking skills that will help them to excel as they pursue their personal and professional goals. 30 credit hours.


This Writing-Intensive concentration emphasizes building a deep understanding of purpose, genre, medium, and audience through learning about the writing processes that best serve them. Writing students become self-aware, flexible, empowered writers and communicators as they excel in the creative, research and professional contexts that will serve their personal and professional goals. 36 credit hours.