History, BA

History illuminates every aspect of the human experience—politics, economics, religion, social issues, culture and conflict—shaping our memories and equipping us to think critically and constructively about connections between past and present. Its breadth makes it particularly well suited to complement other degree programs in the Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as allow all students the flexibility to explore how the past impacts their interests and build skills that lead to diverse professional outcomes. The History major encourages both breadth and depth. Students take two introductory classes that focus on longer periods and regions, as well as a gateway methods course designed to support success in upper division coursework (HIST 2000 Doing History). Upper division electives as well as major capstones (HIST 4953 Readings in History, HIST 4955 Undergraduate Seminar in History) focus more closely on different times and places, as well as important themes, challenging students to read and write about specific subjects and places in more depth.