Journalism, BA

Chairperson: Amanda Keeler, Ph.D.

The journalism major is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to become socially responsible digital journalists who produce in-depth journalism stories based upon authentic, reliable sources and data. Students learn to gather, synthesize and present news and information for a variety of diverse audiences using digital story techniques and platforms. Courses provide hands-on opportunities to develop strong writing, reporting and editing skills as well as an understanding of evidence based data gathering and analysis using appropriate research methodologies. Grounded in the liberal arts, journalism majors also gain familiarity with the law, history and the ethics of the profession.
Majors are strongly encouraged to work for Student Media (MU Wire, Marquette Tribune, Marquette Journal, MUTV and MU Radio) beginning their freshman year. As majors gain experience it is expected that they will advance to leadership/mentor positions in Student Media, obtain internships, work for the Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service and/or obtain an elite position working with an O’Brien Fellow in Public Service Journalism.