Advertising, BA

Chairperson: Nathan Gilkerson, Ph.D.

The advertising major teaches students to build brands in a global marketplace. To do that means engaging consumers, thinking strategically and gaining critical insights in order to create content that moves consumers to action—whether it be casting a vote, buying a product, visiting a website, re-tweeting a post, making a donation in support of a cause, building brand advocacy, etc. Students also learn the social, legal and ethical implications of advertising in a complex world.

The curriculum is both conceptual and applied with foundational courses in content ideation, copywriting, account planning, design, media strategy and campaigns with an array of electives in areas such as sports promotion, multiplatform content strategy, social and emerging media, social media analytics and international advertising and public relations, to name a few. These courses and a required internship allow students to specialize in a chosen area and develop a professional network.