Computer Science, BS

Computer Science is a dynamic discipline, constantly growing and evolving continuously. It regularly experiences revolutionary transformation. The major in Computer Science seeks to train computer scientists who can adapt and grow along with their chosen profession. The major provides a coherent framework in which the student can situate their developing knowledge and technical skills amid the central ideas and methods of the discipline. Its goal is to empower students to succeed in today's environment as well as tomorrow's.

Within a few years of graduation, the Department of Computer Sciences expects graduates to be applying the skills, knowledge and values developed in their studies to solve problems and to effect positive changes in a complex world. Specifically, our graduates will:

  • Demonstrate peer-recognized expertise to solve meaningful problems in computing, technology and other fields, as employees in industry or government, students seeking advanced degrees, or merely as engaged citizens;
  • Demonstrate commitment to teamwork, communicating and collaborating effectively with colleagues, clients and those in other fields;
  • Demonstrate engagement in professional, legal, ethical and leadership responsibilities in their profession and in their community; and
  • Demonstrate adaptability to evolving technology and workforce needs through continued learning to become a lifelong endeavor, especially in the computing realm.