Philosophy, BA

Students in the Philosophy major investigate the enduring questions facing humanity: What is the human being? How ought we live? What is our relationship to the world around us and the transcendent? Philosophy also encourages students to be reflective. It asks students to identify and critically evaluate their personal beliefs about self, communities and the world at large in light of various intellectual traditions. 

The study of philosophy helps students think and communicate clearly and logically about a broad range of topics. It equips students with the tools to engage with, evaluate, and integrate new ideas. It allows students to develop problem-solving strategies that can be applied in a variety of contexts and careers. Philosophy graduates are known to excel on the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) and Graduate Record Exam (GRE) exams, a testament to the transferrable skills acquired by our students.

The department offers four different paths to a Philosophy B.A. Students may complete a general B.A. in Philosophy (without a concentration), or they may complete a B.A. with a concentration in either Philosophy for the Health Professionals, Philosophy for the Legal Professionals, or Ethics, Values and Society.