Program Director: Giordana Poggioli-Kaftan, Ph.D.

The Italian Language and Culture Studies minor provides students with a practical and marketable command of the Italian language, as well as a cultural understanding, both important tools in today’s global world. Proficiency in Italian language and culture equips students for jobs, which can be found in education, international business and international law. The modern nation of Italy plays a significant role in European finance, culture, and politics; thus, students in pre-professional as well as academic programs are attracted to this minor. Italian culture enjoys great prestige in view of its historical contributions to the fine arts, architecture, literature, political theory, and cinema, and many students regard Italy as an attractive destination for foreign study abroad and travel.

Italian Language and Culture Studies

The minor in Italian Language and Culture Studies consists of five required courses (16 cr. hrs.), and one elective course (3 cr. hrs.) for a total of seven courses (19 cr. hrs.) as listed below.

Required Italian Courses:16
Elementary Italian 2
Intermediate Italian 1
Intermediate Italian 2
Italian Culture and Civilization
Italian Literature in English Translation
Elective - Choose one course from the following:3
Greek and Roman Epic Poetry
Roman Civilization and Art
History of Western Art 1
History of Western Art 2
Ancient Greece and Rome
The Middle Ages
The Renaissance
War and Religion in Early Modern Europe, 1500-1650
The Crusades
Italian Composition and Conversation
Advanced Italian Composition and Conversation
Topics in Italian Language, Culture and Literature
Topics in Foreign Language, Culture and Literature (approved Italian Language, Culture & Literature topic only)
Medieval Philosophy
European Politics
Total Credit Hours19


  • LLAC 4931 Topics in Foreign Language, Culture and Literature may be used to fulfill an elective only if offered as an approved Italian Language and Culture Studies topic.
  • ITAL 1001 Elementary Italian 1 does not count toward the minor.


ITAL 1001. Elementary Italian 1. 4 cr. hrs.

Introduction to the Italian language fundamentals of comprehension, speaking, reading and writing. Prereq: No previous study of Italian; or by departmental placement.

ITAL 1002. Elementary Italian 2. 4 cr. hrs.

Continuation of ITAL 1001 with an emphasis on further development of vocabulary and basic conversation through supplemental readings. Prereq: ITAL 1001.

ITAL 2001. Intermediate Italian 1. 3 cr. hrs.

Grammar review, oral and written practice, and supplemental readings and activities to develop cultural awareness. Prereq: ITAL 1002; or by departmental placement.

ITAL 2002. Intermediate Italian 2. 3 cr. hrs.

Continuation of ITAL 2001 with further development and practice of all language skills. Prereq: ITAL 2001; or by departmental placement.

ITAL 3001. Italian Composition and Conversation. 3 cr. hrs.

Grammar review and practice in the oral and written use of the Italian language. Prereq: ITAL 2002; or by departmental placement.

ITAL 3100. Advanced Italian Composition and Conversation. 3 cr. hrs.

Practice and review of advanced grammatical structures of the Italian language for further development of oral and written communication skills.

ITAL 3200. Italian Culture and Civilization. 3 cr. hrs.

Readings and lectures in English dealing with different aspects of Italian culture as seen through its history, art, literature, culinary traditions and film. Knowledge of Italian not required. Variable subtitles depending on the content and focus.

ITAL 3210. Italian Literature in English Translation. 3 cr. hrs.

Readings in English translation of selected masterpieces of Italian literature. Knowledge of Italian not required. May fulfill the UCCS LPA requirement, but does not count toward fulfillment of the second language requirement.

ITAL 4931. Topics in Italian Language, Culture and Literature. 3 cr. hrs.

Topics vary. Subject to be announced.