Director: Robert Smith, Ph.D.

The interdisciplinary minor in urban affairs introduces students to urban issues from multiple viewpoints.

Urban Affairs Minor

The minor consists of six courses (18 credit hours). Students must take at least one course from each of the following four areas listed below in addition to choosing two elective courses.

Economics Courses - Choose one of the following:3
Public Finance
Urban and Regional Economics
History Courses - Choose one of the following:3
Internship in History
American Urban History
Topics in History
Readings in History
Undergraduate Seminar in History
Political Science Courses - Choose one of the following:3
Urban Public Policy
State and Local Politics
Business and Politics
Social and Cultural Sciences - Choose one of the following:3
Urban Anthropology
Urban Sociology
Social Welfare Policy and Services
Electives - Choose two courses from the following:6
Urban Planning for Civil Engineers
Police and Society
Topics in Criminology and Law
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
African-American History
Introduction to Commercial Real Estate
Social Problems in Urban Society
Race and Ethnic Relations
Urban Life
Urban Sociology
Total Credit Hours:18


  • An interdisciplinary urban affairs major can be created for individual students in consultation with the program coordinator. A proposal for an interdisciplinary urban affairs major must be approved by the college’s associate dean for academic affairs.