Program Director: Brian Palmer-Rubin, Ph.D.
Education Abroad Adviser: Megan Pavlic

The Matteo Ricci Minor in Global Studies encourages Marquette students to gain academic and experiential knowledge of countries and cultures beyond the United States. We take inspiration from Matteo Ricci, a Jesuit priest who lived from 1552 to 1610, who was one of the first Europeans to travel to China and learn Chinese and who succeeded in providing a bridge between European and Chinese cultures. The minor is for students who want to join in this Jesuit tradition of travel and learning.

The minor requires study abroad and course work in international studies. Most students can complete a substantial portion of the minor while studying abroad, but all of the required courses are also available at Marquette.

Matteo Ricci Minor in Global Studies

The minor consists of 6 courses (18 credit hours).

In addition, students must fulfill the background requirements consisting of two courses in political science (6 credit hours) and demonstrate competency in a second language at the intermediate level via the Department of Languages, Literatures and Culture's placement exam or by completing a 2002 or 2003 level, second-language course.

This minor requires completing 12 credits of upper division courses while studying abroad. Any of the minor requirements listed below may completed while studying abroad. If courses fulfilling either the International Politics and Economics Requirement or the International Studies requirement are taken abroad, those courses also count toward fulfilling the Study Abroad requirement. 

The study abroad requirement can be accomplished in a single term or by enrolling in a series of short-term study abroad courses. 

Background Requirements
Political Science courses6
Comparative Politics
International Politics
Total Credit Hours:6
Minor Requirements
International Politics and Economics requirement - Choose two from the following:6
International Economic Issues
International Law
International Organizations
Politics of the World Economy
World Conflict and Security
Human Security
The Political Economy of Development
International Studies requirement: Complete four additional upper-division courses with international content. 112
Study Abroad requirement (12 credits are required and encouraged to include requirements listed above)
Total Credit Hours:18


  • Advising for this minor is available from both the coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Major in International Affairs program director and advisers in the Office of International Education at appropriate times during their courses of study.

  • Required courses may be completed while studying abroad with approved transfer equivalencies.

  • When selecting courses to fulfill the International Politics and Economics requirement, students are advised to consider that ECON 1103 and ECON 1104 are prerequisites for POSC 4621, POSC 4661 and ECON 4040. They are not prerequisites for POSC 4601, POSC 4611 or POSC 4633.

  • Given that the second language requirement is a competency-based requirement as opposed to a credit-hour based requirement, completion of the requirement can be accomplished by placement only.