Director: Jane Peterson, Ph.D.

The Law and Society minor is designed to provide students the opportunity to study law from an integrated, social science perspective. Students pursuing this minor learn to identify and analyze the social and cultural factors that shape the foundations, practice, interpretation and mobilization of the law. Course work includes explorations of both domestic and international contexts.

A minor in Law and Society provides students insights on the connections between a society and its legal institutions. This prepares students not only for law school, but also a variety of careers and degrees in law-related fields.

Law and Society Minor

The Interdisciplinary minor in Law and Society consists of a total of six courses (18 credits); two required courses (6 credits) and four elective courses (12 credits) as listed below.

Required courses:
CRLS 2001Introduction to the Law3
SOCI 4600The Social Reality of Crime and Justice3
or SOCI 4660 Law and Society
Elective courses: Choose four courses from the following. At least two of the following disciplines must be represented: ANTH, CRLS, ENGL, SOWJ, SOCI, HIST, POSC, PHIL12
No more than one course may be chosen from BULA or COMM.
Forensic Anthropology
Culture, Law and Violence
Legal Environment of Business
The Legal and Regulatory Environment of International Business
Media Law
Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice
Comparative Justice Systems
Women, Crime, and Criminal Justice
Race, Crime and Punishment
British Literature of the Long 18th Century (Topic: Legal Fictions of the Enlightenment)
Law and Literature
Philosophy of Law
Philosophy and History of Crime and Punishment (also HIST or CRLS)
Justice and Power
American Constitutional Law and Development
The Politics of Civil Rights and Liberties
Courts and Public Policy
International Law
Deviance and Social Control
Immigrants and their Communities
Conflict Resolution and Restorative Justice
Total Credit Hours18