Director: Lynn Turner, Ph.D.
Interdisciplinary Minor in Family Studies website

The interdisciplinary minor in family studies allows students to combine theoretical and practical perspectives on the family and to become familiar with the various methodologies academic disciplines use to develop insights into the family.

Family Studies Minor

The minor consists of six courses (18 credit hours): two required courses (6 credit hours) and four courses (12 credit hours) of electives with at least one course from categories I-III listed below. Any substitutions must be approved by the program coordinator. For more information regarding declaring the minor and updates of approved courses see the Family Studies website.


  • SOCI 2200 The Family should be taken before other courses in the minor, or at least as soon as the student has selected the minor.
  • INFS 4953 Interdisciplinary Seminar in Family Studies should be taken last after the other five courses have been completed or during the student’s last year of study.
  • Additional courses may be acceptable toward the requirements. See the program coordinator to receive prior approval for any courses not listed above or for any substitutions.
Required Courses:
SOCI 2200The Family3
INFS 4953Interdisciplinary Seminar in Family Studies3
Elective Courses: Choose four courses with at least one from each category listed below:12
Category I- Family as Experience
Women and Men in Cross-Cultural Perspective
Studies in Genre
Culture and Health
Childhood in America
Women in Western Civilization
Race and Family
Family, Church, and Society
Category II - Family as System Within Society:
Mass Media and the American Family
Communication and Urban Families
Seminar in Communication Studies
Psychology of Human Development in Children and Adolescents in a Diverse Society (Education majors only)
Introduction to Life-Span Developmental Psychology for Nursing Students
Developmental Psychology: Conception Through Adolescence
Developmental Psychology: Adulthood and Aging
Psychology of Gender Roles (for non-PSYC majors)
Psychology of Marriage and Family (PSYC majors only)
Sociology of Aging
Sociology of Sex and Gender
Topics in Sociology
Category III - Family As Resource For Human Needs:
Family Communication
Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice
Family Violence and Public Intervention
Methods of Teaching Children/Youth with Exceptional Needs
Clinical Pathology and Pathophysiology
Childhood Psychopathology
Social Welfare Policy and Services
Family Practice
Total Credit Hours18