Director: Kevin W. Gibson, Ph.D.

The interdisciplinary minor in ethics provides an opportunity for students to explore the moral dimensions of human life and to develop the ability for critical ethical analysis in their personal and professional lives. By encouraging students to seek values across the curriculum in a formal and disciplined way, it prepares graduates not only for the modern workplace, but for the world in its most urgent and deepest complexity. First-level courses introduce the basis of ethical reasoning within philosophy and Christian faith. Second-level courses engage students in the application of ethical theories to particular ethical issues or problems (e.g., business ethics, environmental ethics, poverty). Third-level courses allow students to explore the contexts of various institutions and social domains (e.g., the legal system, social and institutional dimensions of race and gender, mass communication) in which ethical decisions must be made.

Ethics Minor

The Ethics minor consists of seven courses (21 credits) chosen from the areas listed below:

Ethical Theory Courses: Choose two of the following courses:6
Theory of Ethics
Christian Discipleship
Christian Faith and Justice
Applied Ethics Courses: Choose two courses, at least one philosophy:6
Ethical Problems of Mass Communications
Contemporary Ethical Problems
Business Ethics
Biomedical Ethics
Foundations of Ecological Ethics
Medical Ethics
Studies in Moral Theology
Contemporary Interfaces with Ethics: Choose two courses:6
Mass Communication Theory and Research
Primary Health Care Concepts
Business and Its Environment
Marketing and Society
Philosophy of the Environment
Political Philosophy
Philosophy of Law
Philosophy and History of Crime and Punishment
Feminist Philosophy
Africana Philosophy
Justice and Power
Ethics and Politics
Social Problems in Urban Society
Sociology of Human Values
Theologies of Nonviolence
Required Capstone Course:
INET 4953Capstone Seminar in Ethics3
Total Credit Hours21


  • Other courses subject to approval of director of the Ethics minor.