Program Director: Laura Matthew, Ph.D.

Latinx Studies is an interdisciplinary field focusing on the people, cultures and communities of those of Hispanic and/or Latin American descent in the United States. Latinx Studies is different from Latin American Studies because of its methodology and definition. Latin American Studies is defined geographically and can include any disciplinary approach to the Latin American region. Latinx Studies is an interdisciplinary field within Race and Ethnic Studies that focuses on the Latinx experience in the United States.
Latinx Studies provides Marquette students with a better understanding of the variety of Latinx cultures that exist in the United States and the diverse cultural and historical contributions that Latinx populations have made to this country. These experiences are considered within the context of contemporary and historical political realities that shape issues ranging from immigration and citizenship, law and justice, health care, education, policing, and gender to questions concerning freedoms of speech, assembly and expression. Knowledge of Spanish is not required for this program; interested students may choose, however, to take courses in Spanish to fulfill program requirements.

Latinx Studies Minor

Only two courses may be taken in a single discipline for the minor. Four total disciplines must be represented in student course work. Eighteen credit hours are required to complete the minor. Students must complete two required Latinx courses, a minimum of two Latinx Studies primary courses, and two Latinx Studies electives. The required Latinx and Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies courses provide students with the critical methodology needed to proceed in this field. Following the completion of this requirement, students are prepared to undertake course work devoted to Latinx content while exploring other disciplinary interests within the field.

Required Latinx Courses6
Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies
Introduction to Race, Ethnic and Indigenous Studies
Latinx Studies Primary Courses - Complete two of the following:6
Engaging the World 1
American Immigration
Latinx Civil Rights Movements
United States-Latin American Relations
Latin American Philosophy
Topics in Political Science 1
Immigrants and their Communities
U.S. Latinx Literature 2
Spanish in the United States 2
Topics in Health Care (Migration and Health: Mexico and the US)
Latinx Studies Electives - Complete 2 of the following:6
Strategic Communication in a Culturally Diverse Marketplace
Studies in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies
Culture and Health
The American West
The Caribbean
Politics of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender
The Psychology of Prejudice
Race, Gender and Medicine
Advanced Communication in Spanish for Heritage Speakers 2
Introduction to Literary Analysis in Spanish for Heritage and Native Speakers 2
Afro-Hispanic and Afro-Latinx Literatures and Cultures 2
Advanced Spanish for Business 2
Advanced Spanish for Health Care 2
Latin American and Latinx Contemporary Issues 2
Child Speech Sound Disorders
Multicultural Issues for Speech-Language Pathologists
Total Credit Hours18