The minor in Health Studies affords students in varied disciplines additional avenues for career preparation in that they may be able to obtain knowledge about health and health care delivery issues. Analysis of contemporary problems of health care including health behavior and health care delivery are included within this minor. This minor strengthens future career possibilities within health care for students with majors such as: psychology, social work, biomedical engineering, business administration, communications studies, computer science, journalism, philosophy, political science and advertising/public relations.

Students should indicate their intention to work toward a minor as early as possible in their academic studies. Students must declare the minor by filling out the minor request/update form via the Marquette Central website and turn the form into their college office.

Health Studies Minor

Students should indicate their intention to work toward a minor as early as possible in their academic studies. Students must declare the minor by filling out the minor request/update form via the Marquette Central website and turn the form into their college office.  

The minor requires 18 credit hours. At least six credits must be selected from each of the following groups:

Group 1: Health Topics for Individuals, Families, Communities and Populations 

BISC 3110Nutritional Aspects of Health3
HEAL 1025Culture and Health3
HEAL 1200Women's Health3
HEAL 1400Veteran Health and Culture3
HEAL 1931Topics in Health Care2-3
HEAL 4931Topics in Health3
SOCI 3570Men, Masculinities and Health3

Group 2: Interdisciplinary Topics for health of Individuals, Families, Communities and Populations 

BISC 4931Topics in Biomedical Sciences (Prior Nursing approval required)1-3
CLLS 2060Public Health3
CMST 4500Health Communication3
or CMST 5500 Health Communication
COMM 4330Health, Science and Environmental Communication3
HEAL 2100Primary Health Care Concepts3
HEAL 3200Bioethics for Healthcare: Foundations, Dilemmas and Decision-Making3
HEAL 4901Interdisciplinary Palliative Care3
SOCI 3500Culture, Health and Illness3
SOCI 3550Race, Gender and Medicine3
SOCI 4300Sociology of Aging3

Note: This minor is not open to Nursing students.


HEAL 1025. Culture and Health. 3 cr. hrs.

Cultural perspective of concepts of health and illness including the relationship of health care behaviors and beliefs to culture and social structure. Foster an appreciation for intercultural competence.

HEAL 1200. Women's Health. 3 cr. hrs.

A self-care approach to health maintenance, the physical and psychosocial changes during the life cycle, and the health care system as these pertain to women in our society.

HEAL 1400. Veteran Health and Culture. 3 cr. hrs.

Prepares the learner to better understand the unique needs of the Veteran through exposure to elements of sociopolitical, health and culture. Does not focus on the active military perspective.

HEAL 1931. Topics in Health Care. 2-3 cr. hrs.

Various topics in health care as identified in the Schedule of Classes.

HEAL 2045. Normal and Therapeutic Nutrition. 3 cr. hrs.

Nutritional aspects of health promotion. Therapeutic dietary needs of clients with various health status deviations. Prereq: Soph. stndg. and BISC 1060 and BISC 2070 and BISC 1015; not open for credit to students who have completed BISC 3110.

HEAL 2100. Primary Health Care Concepts. 3 cr. hrs.

Exploration of primary health care principles and models. Focus is on multidisciplinary approaches to the examination of interacting factors contributing to the health of populations. Prereq: Soph. stndg.

HEAL 3100. International Health. 3 cr. hrs.

Overview of international health goals, issues, problems and programs. Includes factors influencing health, comparisons of health indicators and health systems, and global health interventions. Prereq: Jr. stndg.

HEAL 3200. Bioethics for Healthcare: Foundations, Dilemmas and Decision-Making. 3 cr. hrs.

Engages in a debate of the main ethical issues of clinical practices in health care institutions and health care actions in public and global health. Provides future health care professionals, especially nurses in their daily accompaniment of their patients, with theoretical foundations and practical skills to handle ethical and bioethical dilemmas and lead decision-making processes. Prereq: Jr. stndg.; NURS or HESC major.

HEAL 4000. Epidemiology. 3 cr. hrs.

Analysis of occurrence and patterns of disease in populations including prevention and control strategies.

HEAL 4200. Natural Family Planning. 3 cr. hrs.

Physiological, behavioral, and spiritual aspects important to teaching and using natural family planning. Prereq: Jr. stndg.

HEAL 4201. Natural Family Planning Practicum. 3 cr. hrs.

Practical application of theory and skills for teaching natural family planning. Prereq: Jr. stndg.

HEAL 4901. Interdisciplinary Palliative Care. 3 cr. hrs.

Provides an understanding of the breadth and depth of palliative care practices and services available to caregivers, patients and their families. Prereq: Nursing major and Sr. stndg.; or non-nursing major; or cons. of instr.

HEAL 4931. Topics in Health. 3 cr. hrs.

Selected topics in Health. The topics will be designated in the Schedule of Classes.

HEAL 4995. Independent Study in Health. 1-3 cr. hrs.

Intensive library search or a research project relative to a specific area of interest. Arrangements for faculty direction must be made prior to registration. May be taken twice.