Approval of Courses Taken Elsewhere

Except under special circumstances, students are not allowed to take courses at another institution during a semester they are enrolled at Marquette University. In such circumstances, the approval of the assistant dean of undergraduate programs must be obtained before the course begins.

Currently enrolled undergraduate students who wish to take courses at another US institution for transfer to Marquette may review established equivalencies at Transfer Central-US Institutions. This review is unofficial. To obtain an official approval, students must submit an External Transfer Course Request: Undergraduate Form before enrolling in the external course. The approval form must be submitted as directed. If prior approval is not obtained, there is no guarantee that credits earned are accepted by Marquette University. Students must earn a grade of at least C for the course to be transferable. Only credit transfers, not grades. Transcripts with the school seal must be sent directly from the school in which the course(s) are taken to the Office of the Registrar after successfully completing the course. Normally, such transcripts should be received before students enroll for the next term at Marquette. If students take approved course work at another institution at any time during their Marquette career, particularly in their final term at Marquette, the final transcripts must be received by Marquette by the last day to receive official transcripts, as listed on the Academic Calendar, in order to graduate.

If students fail to earn a grade of C or better in a required course at Marquette University, they still receive credit for the course as long as the grade is at least a D or above; however, students must repeat the course to continue in the Nursing major. If students take the course at an outside institution (not permitted for any NURS or HEAL course), the official transcript must be sent to Marquette after the course is taken. The course fulfills any applicable content requirements if the student earns a C or above, but the course does not appear on the student’s Marquette transcript, nor is the grade be factored into their GPA.