The goal of the Bilingual-Bicultural Education minor is to help students in the College of Education attain additional training and licensure to teach linguistically diverse students. Students with second language fluency are encouraged to pursue Bilingual-Bicultural certification.

Bilingual-Bicultural Minor

Open to Elementary/Middle Education and Middle/Secondary Education majors seeking Department of Public Instruction licensure for Bilingual-Bicultural. 

Required courses:

EDUC 4000Educational Inquiry 2: Advanced Topics3
EDUC 4230Learning and Linguistic Diversity3
EDUC 4277Methods of Teaching Bilingual-Bicultural Learners3
ENGL 4110Exploring the English Language 3
Electives - Complete two of the following:6
Language and Culture
Communication and Urban Families
Cross-Cultural Communication
Anatomy of English
Spanish Phonetics
Spanish Second Language Acquisition
Multicultural Issues for Speech-Language Pathologists
Total Credit Hours:18

Students must also demonstrate second language proficiency through either an Oral Performance Interview (OPI) or other approved test and are required to complete EDUC 4967 Student Teaching: Bilingual - Bicultural as the student teaching experience required for the education major.