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For over a century, the Marquette University Opus College of Engineering, has pursued excellence and leadership in engineering education, research and service to others. To address today’s global challenges and create a better world for the future, engineers must be well grounded in engineering and science principles underpinned by a strong foundation in the humanities, ethics, leadership and a desire for lifelong learning. The Opus College of Engineering strives to provide a student-centered, active learning environment, fostering curiosity, creativity, and a quest for discovery and innovation. We are recognized and renowned for leadership in the education of the whole person — cura personalis — as students and faculty work side-by-side to improve the quality of life across the globe. State-of-the-art engineering facilities allow students to explore and address global challenges in advanced manufacturing, clean water, health and human performance, secure and renewable energy, safe and efficient infrastructure, advances in engineering education pedagogy and many other exciting areas of engineering opportunities. In the spirit of the Jesuit tradition of faithful service, the Opus College of Engineering provides many service learning opportunities and offers one of the finest industry cooperative education programs in the country.

Kristina M. Ropella, Ph.D.
Opus Dean, Opus College of Engineering

College Vision Statement

We are world-class engineers who will lead bold, innovative change to serve the world in the Jesuit tradition.

College Mission Statement

Our diverse community of engineering scholars collaborates in transformative learning environments to lead change for the benefit of humanity. We prepare students for fulfilling careers by providing a strong technical and ethical foundation.

We ignite curiosity, encourage student-centered learning and foster critical thinking by:

  • Educating engineering leaders who thrive in innovative, entrepreneuria and dynamic environments.
  • Exploring and discovering new knowledge, putting research in action.
  • Engaging professional and technical communities worldwide.

These statements reflect the essential nature of the college. The motivation of the college centers about its desire to emphasize to the engineering community the intrinsic value of humankind and of the individuals who comprise it. This motivation flows directly from the fact that the college is an integral part of a Catholic, Jesuit university.

The Opus College of Engineering is a member of the American Society for Engineering Education.