Repeating Courses

Students may repeat any course they have taken, subject to college and university limitations. The motive may be to satisfy the requirement of a better grade, or to gain a better working knowledge of the topic. Some departments may require that a specific grade level be achieved prior to enrolling in successive course work.

Under the Course Repeat policy, students may repeat courses before graduation. The highest grade earned is included in the cumulative GPA and the lowest grade is excluded from the cumulative GPA calculation and the student receives degree credit only once.

Advisers should be aware of the Course Repeat policy and recommend it to their advisees if it would be in students' best interest to engage this privilege rather than suffer the punitive consequences of a low grade. These consequences can be in loss of college standing, loss of eligibility for financial aid including scholarships and grants and others.

Note: For Opus College of Engineering students, the Course Repeat Option cannot be used more than a total of five times throughout their career. Students may take the same course no more than three times. As per university policy, students may repeat a course which has earned a passing grade only once. See the University Repeated Courses Policy for more information.