Transfer Credit from Other Programs

Normally, transfer (advanced standing) evaluations from other colleges and universities are made by the Office of Academic Affairs at the time of admission from information made available on official university transcripts or from supplementary information (grade reports) when the transcripts are not yet available, however, without the official transcript, all evaluations are conditional. This evaluation usually indicates which courses required at Marquette are satisfied by transfer (advanced standing) credits. This evaluation may be completed in cooperation with the Director of Academic Advising and appropriate department representatives.

Transfer credits are shown on students' records and these credits plus the remaining credits prescribed by the chair/adviser must meet the degree requirements set forth in the Degree Requirements Policy and Procedure.

Students transferring from one college to another at Marquette are informed which previously completed courses transfer into their new degree program. Their chair/adviser shall identify remaining degree requirements for the permanent advising file. Only credit transfers, not grades.

Any subsequent addition or change in student advanced standing/transfer credit are entered on students' records.