Grade Appeals for Engineering Courses

Students enrolled in Engineering courses may consult course instructors about the grades received for work done. The exercise of this right neither requires a fixed procedure nor is it subject to procedural conditions. Grades that may be contested under these procedures are any final grades, that is, any grade received upon the completion of a term. Normally no formal procedure of appeal is considered after the Grade Appeal deadline, as noted in the Academic Calendar.

  1. Students must first consult with the instructor to determine the reasons for the grade. When there are special circumstances, the chair of the department may waive the consultation with the instructor.
  2. When students are not satisfied with the reasons given by the instructor, they may present their case in writing to the chair of the department. Students should present all evidence of their performance and may request that all other pertinent materials be supplied by the instructor.
  3. When the chair has examined the appeal and after consultation with the instructor, the chair:
    1. informs students that no further departmental action is to be taken, or
    2. calls a committee to review the appeal.
  4. The chair appoints a committee of three regular members of the department. Chairs may appoint themselves to such a committee.
  5. The committee may proceed from written evidence or may consult the instructor and/or the student according to its judgment.
  6. The committee shall give one of three decisions:
    1. that the grade given remains.
    2. that the instructor reconsider the grade in light of what the committee discovered and that the instructor’s reconsidered grade stands.
    3. that the committee recommends a change of grade to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs of the college.
  7. The decision of the committee shall be the final action inside the department and any appeal beyond the department is made to the dean of the College of Engineering.
  8. For the university Grade Appeal policy, refer to the Grade Appeals section in the Academic Regulations of the Undergraduate Bulletin.