Absence from Final Exams, Incomplete (I) Grade

Generally, students who fail to take final examinations in any course are automatically assigned a WF grade. Exceptions: Students, who because of verified illness and/or a crisis emergency and who notify the course instructor and the Office of Academic Affairs of the circumstances within 48 hours prior to the exam, may be given an I grade and an extension to retake the examination with prior approval of the instructor. Such I grades are given only through the Office of Academic Affairs and only if students' prior course performance merits this extra consideration.

Generally, students who have failed to complete a small but important course assignment would find this deficiency reflected in a lower grade assignment in the course. Exceptions: Students who obtain prior instructor permission and who merit the opportunity to make up the deficiency because of the circumstances beyond the control of the student causing the deficiency may be assigned an incomplete (I) grade.

All temporary grades must be removed by the calendar dates specified in the university bulletin and Academic Calendar or they revert to F grades.