Degrees Offered

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Marquette University confers the degree of bachelor of science in biomedical, civil, construction engineering, computer, electrical or mechanical engineering on those students who have satisfactorily completed one of the prescribed curricula in the majors within the departments of Biomedical Engineering, Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Students who successfully complete the Core Honors or Comprehensive Honors curriculum may earn a degree of honors bachelor of science or comprehensive honors bachelor of science, respectively. Engineering students have the opportunity to earn a minor in another engineering field as well as in many other non-engineering areas.

The master of science degree is conferred upon recommendation by the Graduate School for candidates in biomedical, civil, electrical and computer, and mechanical engineering, and for candidates in health care technologies management. The master of engineering (M.E.) degree is conferred for candidates in biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering. The doctoral degree is conferred for candidates in biomedical, civil, electrical and computer, and mechanical engineering. Four certificates are offered in electrical engineering. Details on the master’s, doctoral and certificate programs are contained in the Graduate School section of the bulletin.

Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. This is the degree designation that appears on the diploma.

Students in Biomedical Engineering may elect a major in Biocomputing (BIOC), Bioelectronics (BIOE) or Biomechanics (BIOM). Students in Civil Engineering may elect a major in either Civil Engineering (CIEN) or Environmental Engineering (ENEN); a major in Construction Engineering (CNEN) is available for students pursuing that degree. Students may choose a major in Electrical Engineering (ELEN) or Computer Engineering (COEN). The major designation appears on students' official transcript and diploma.

Students may also elect to pursue a minor program in any of the above areas other than their major. The college identifies minors (i.e. Mathematics, Business Administration) which have been completed, if the candidate for a degree requests, by filing the Minor Declaration form, that the minor(s) be identified on students' official transcript. This minor designation refers only to those that are identified by the various departments and colleges as published in this bulletin.

The request for minor designation is included on the degree application form to be completed at the beginning of the final term in school by the deadline appearing in the Academic Calendar, although the curriculum planning to meet this objective must be carefully coordinated beforehand. Minor Declaration forms are available in the Marquette Central academic forms website.

Majors and Minors Overview

The Opus College of Engineering is made up of four departments which offer the following majors and minors:

  • the Department of Biomedical Engineering offers majors in biocomputing, bioelectronics and biomechanics and the minor in biomedical engineering
  • the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering offers majors in civil engineering, construction engineering, and environmental engineering and minors in civil engineering and environmental engineering
  • the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers majors in computer engineering and electrical engineering and minors in computer engineering and electrical engineering
  • the Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a major in mechanical engineering and a minor in mechanical engineering

The concentration in Excellence in Leadership (E-Lead) is available to all majors at Marquette University.