Chairperson: Jean Grow, Ph.D.

The major in public relations is designed to give students knowledge and skills to help organizations and brands accurately communicate their images to customers, employees, investors and the media. Students learn how to apply an integrated and creative approach to promote products and services by mastering public relations strategies and tactics, using both traditional and emerging technologies and social media. Students also need to understand the role of public relations in helping organizations or clients build and maintain ethical leadership as well as be a key driver in solving social issues, crisis mitigation and advance worthwhile causes to improve quality of life and society as a whole.

Our curriculum is both conceptual and applied with courses in writing, strategies, design, campaigns, social media, crisis communication, and sports promotion, to name a few. A required internship lets students specialize in a chosen area and helps develop professional networks.

Public Relations Major

A total of 39 credits of course work must be completed for the major in public relations. Students with a major in public relations cannot take more than 48 credits in the mass communication areas (ADVE, COMM, DGMD, JOUR and PURE) and are required to take 72 credits outside of the mass communication areas. The following courses must be completed toward the 39 credits:

Required Courses

ADPR 2100Communication Design Toolbox3
ADPR 2200Media Writing3
ADPR 3986Internship in Advertising and Public Relations3
CMST 3300Persuasion3
COMM 3800Media Law3
or CMST 4330 Freedom of Speech
COMM 3900Ethical Problems of Mass Communications3
PURE 1800Public Relations Principles3
PURE 3200Strategic Communication Design3
PURE 3600Public Relations Writing3
PURE 3800Public Relations Strategies3
PURE 4997Public Relations Campaigns3
Plus two electives from ADPR, ADVE, PURE courses and/or any of the following courses:6
Issues in Corporate Communication
Corporate Advocacy
Communication and Conflict
Organizational Communication
Communication Technologies in the Workplace
Cross-Cultural Communication in the United States
Health Communication
Total Credit Hours39

Typical Program for Public Relations Majors

First TermHoursSecond TermHours
COMM 1000 or 12003COMM 11003
COMM 10501COMM 1200 or 10003
ENGL 10013PURE 18003
UCCS History3Second Language or UCCS Diverse Culture3-4
Second Language or UCCS Diverse Culture3-4PHIL 10013
THEO 10013 
 16-17 15-16
First TermHoursSecond TermHours
ADPR 2100 (or elective)3ADPR 2100 (or elective)3
ADPR 22003COMM 25003
PHIL 23103UCCS Diverse Culture or Minor/elective course3
UCCS Diverse Culture or Minor/elective course3UCCS Math or Science3
UCCS Math or Science3UCCS Theology3
 15 15
First TermHoursSecond TermHours
PURE 3200 or 36003PURE 3200 or 36003
PURE 3800 or ADPR 39863PURE 3800 or ADPR 39863
CMST 3300 or COMM 39003CMST 3300 or COMM 39003
UCCS Literature/Performing Arts3Major elective3
 15 15
First TermHoursSecond TermHours
COMM 38003Minor/electives11
PURE 49973Major elective3
 15 14
Total credit hours: 120-122

Public Relations Minor

Students are required to complete 18 credits (6 required and 12 elective credits) to complete the Public Relations minor.

Required Courses

PURE 1800Public Relations Principles3
ADPR 2200Media Writing3
Choose two courses from PURE and two more courses from remaining ADPR or PURE courses.12
Total Credit Hours18

Advertising & Public Relations Courses

ADPR 2100. Communication Design Toolbox. 3 cr. hrs.

An applied, hands-on course that introduces students to the computing design software environment and the basics of Adobe Creative Suite and video editing software as tools to engage in the design process for the conceptualizaton and creation of communication design solutions. Prereq: ADVE, CCOM and PURE majors or minors.

ADPR 2200. Media Writing. 3 cr. hrs.

Factual and persuasive writing for the mass media. Introduction to and practice in newswriting, public relations writing and advertising copywriting. Basic information gathering. In-class writing exercises require use of computers. Prereq: ENGL 1001 and COMM 1100 or equivalent. Restricted to declared ADVE, CCOM or PURE majors or minors.

ADPR 3986. Internship in Advertising and Public Relations. 0-3 cr. hrs.

Work experience in advertising or public relations in specific organizational settings, supervised by an approved professional coupled with related academic work assigned. Approval of departmental internship director required in advance of internship. May be taken more than once to a maximum of three credits total. Prereq: ADPR 2200 and ADVE 1400 and cons. of dept. ch.; or ADVE 1400 and JOUR 1100 and cons. of dept. ch.; or ADPR 2200 and PURE 1800 and cons. of dept. ch.; or PURE 1800 and JOUR 1100 and cons. of dept. ch. 0 credit is SNC/UNC grade assessment; 1-3 credits is S/U grade assessment.

ADPR 4000. Sports Promotion. 3 cr. hrs.

Examines how sport organizations attract fan attention and, ultimately, generate revenue by applying strategies and tactics related to public relations, advertising, marketing and sponsorship. Topics include: sport promotion techniques, media relations, new technology, special event planning, ethics of the field, professionalism and career opportunities. Students learn about the practitioner's responsibilities to society, client/organization, fans, media and other practitioner's. Prereq: ADVE 1400 or PURE 1800 or cons. of instr. Restricted to declared ADVE or PURE majors or minors.

ADPR 4300. Emerging and Social Media in a Dynamic Marketplace. 3 cr. hrs.

Examines the strategic uses, impact and implications of emerging and social media. Addresses the need to adapt to a digital, networked marketplace where change is the rule rather than the exception. Expands student knowledge of emerging and social media and their application to advertising and public relations challenges. Students use this knowledge to find more strategic and effective ways to communicate with clients, publics, target markets and other stakeholders. Prereq: ADVE 1400 or PURE 1800; or cons. of instr. Restricted to declared ADVE, CCOM or PURE majors or minors.

ADPR 4500. Advertising and Public Relations Account Management. 3 cr. hrs.

The fundamentals of management in both the client and agency environments. Analyzes client and agency structures and functions. Explores project estimating, budgeting and time management. Examines account profitability maintenance and account team productivity. Reviews techniques for agency and supplier selection. Special emphasis on the ethical aspects of account work. Prereq: ADVE 1400 or PURE 1800; or cons. of instr. Restricted to declared ADVE or PURE majors or minors.

ADPR 4600. International Advertising and Public Relations. 3 cr. hrs.

Students develop knowledge and skills related to strategic communications within a global marketplace. A variety of topics are addressed including the role of culture in global communication, differences in styles of communication across international groups and the role brands play in this process. Content explores culture as it applies to advertising and public relations directed at different international audiences and globalization, while keeping in mind the importance of ethics and social responsibility. Prereq: ADVE 1400 or PURE 1800.

ADPR 4850. Mobile Communication. 3 cr. hrs.

Examines current usage trends, mobile marketing and the future of digital and mobile communication. Students learn how brands face the challenge of creatively integrating mobile tactics into their digital brand strategies through examination of case studies and contemporary best practices. Students learn how to conduct ethnographic research in an effort to understand how consumers engage with mobile devices. They explore the use of agile, human-centered, EX <user experience> design for prototyping, evaluating mobile websites and testing mobile applications to develop mobile marketing strategies that creatively integrate mobile-based tactics. Prereq: ADVE 1400 or PURE 1800 and Jr. stndng. or cons. of instr. Restricted to ADVE, PURE or CCOM majors or minors.

ADPR 4951. MU Led Travel/Study Abroad. 3 cr. hrs.

Designed to bring advertising and culture to life within the context of the global marketplace. Students spend three weeks in both London and Prague, visit local and multinational advertising agencies and media companies, and experience local culture. Course taught in an international setting by Marquette professors and where students earn Marquette credit. Study Abroad expenses apply. Prereq: Jr. stndg., cons. of the Office of International Education, and one of the following courses: ADVE 1400, PURE 1800, or CCOM 2000.

ADPR 4953. Seminar in Advertising and Public Relations. 1-3 cr. hrs.

Specific subjects of seminars to be announced in the Schedule of Classes. Variable topics. Prereq: ADVE 1400 or PURE 1800; or cons. of instr. Restricted to declared ADVE or PURE majors or minors.

ADPR 4961. Special Institute/Workshop/Project. 1-3 cr. hrs.

Prereq: Restricted to declared ADPR majors and minors.

ADPR 4995. Independent Study in Advertising and Public Relations. 1-3 cr. hrs.

Supervised study of a specific area or topic in Advertising and Public Relations. Prereq: Cons. of dept. ch.

ADPR 4999. Senior Thesis. 1-3 cr. hrs.

The application of rigorous methodology in developing and writing a thesis under the direction of an adviser. Prereq: Cons. of dept. ch.

Public Relations Courses

PURE 1800. Public Relations Principles. 3 cr. hrs.

Principles, history, theory and practice of public relations in business, organizations and agencies. Analyses of public relations programs; the responsibility of the public relations practitioner to management and to relevant publics; ethics of public relations practice; the future of the field and career opportunities.

PURE 3200. Strategic Communication Design. 3 cr. hrs.

An applied course that teaches the fundamentals of cross-platform designs for strategic communication tactics, including print, digital, interactive, mobile and web-based media. Students learn basic design concepts and expand foundational technology skills to support public relations and marketing communication functions. Prereq: ADPR 2100 and either ADVE 1400 or PURE 1800. Restricted to declared ADVE, CCOM and PURE majors or minors.

PURE 3600. Public Relations Writing. 3 cr. hrs.

Covers the basics of public relations writing, including the principles of effective professional writing, finding and generating newsworthy information for print, electronic and "new" media. Topics covered include: news releases, fact sheets, brochures, online public relations, media kits, speech writing, crisis communication, and spokesperson training. Writing portfolios are assembled for purposes of future internships and employment. All classes held in a computerized writing laboratory. Prereq: PURE 1800 and ADPR 2200; and restricted to declared ADVE, CCOM and PURE majors and minors.

PURE 3800. Public Relations Strategies. 3 cr. hrs.

Covers public relations theories and strategic planning processes and how they are applied to "read world" public relations cases and problems. Emphasis is on the role of strategic problem solving and public relations. Case study analysis is used to explore the effectiveness of PR strategies and expose students to a variety of PR applications (e.g., media relations, social media, internal communication, international promotion, investor relations, IMC). Students also learn and discuss ethical decision-making in various PR situations. Prereq: PURE 1800; cons. of instr.; PURE major or minor.

PURE 3850. Crisis Communication and Reputation Management. 3 cr. hrs.

Learn the vital role communication practitioners play in contemporary crisis communication and reputation management, and the tools used to prepare for and manage emergency situations from a communications perspective. Learn to balance the roles as the strategic thinker (assessing organizational vulnerability, team development, etc.) and the effective tactician (message development, channel selection, etc.) and reconcile them against the reality organizations in crisis face when serving myriad stakeholders in the digital age. Class instruction includes: lectures, case studies and in-class exercises designed to develop real-time thought processes and writing for situations that could threaten brand reputation. Prereq: ADVE 1400 or PURE 1800; PURE, CCOM or ADVE majors or minors.

PURE 4800. Advanced Public Relations Writing. 3 cr. hrs.

Designed to advance the writing and production skills developed in PURE 3600: Public Relations Writing. Applies PR strategies and theories to writing for specific stakeholders in a variety of PR situations. Emphasis is on clear, concise messages for strategic and persuasive communication in multimedia formats such as print, audio, visual, web-based and social media. In addition to developing thorough knowledge of the various formats used in creating traditional PR materials, student also plan and execute specialized forms of writing such as annual reports, white papers, op-ed articles and sponsorship/fundraising proposals. Assignments contribute to professional portfolio development. Prereq: PURE 1800, PURE 3600; or cons. of instr. Restricted to declared PURE majors or minors.

PURE 4997. Public Relations Campaigns. 3 cr. hrs.

Senior capstone course in public relations issues management for corporations, government and non-profit groups. Working in teams, students design a public communication campaign involving media management, community relations, educational outreach or other methods of advocacy in the public forum for achieving social justice goals using public relations strategies and tactics. Students design public communication campaign proposals for local or national clients. Student campaign designs are read and responded to by industry professionals, the client and the instructor. Students conduct field research, analyze results and incorporate findings in their action plans. Prereq: PURE 1800, PURE 3200, PURE 3600 and PURE 3800; or cons. of instr. Restricted to declared PURE majors.