FIAR 1100. Visual Language. 3 cr. hrs.

Dynamics is a problem-solving course in which the student investigates the dynamic visual forces involved in composing on a two-dimensional plane. Explores the interrelationships of composition, process, perception, and intention. Color and light are also explored as a visual phenomenon, as a perceptual occurrence, as pigment with specific mixing properties, and as an element with powerful expressive and symbolic potential. Time, the fourth dimension, is investigated through problems dealing with simultaneity and sequentiality. The range of tools includes traditional materials/mediums and digital imaging. The course broadens the student’s skill level in idea development,research strategies, and technique through the exploration of the visual language in both a historical and contemporary context. Approximately one-half of the semester is spent working in a digital environment. Prereq: Cons. of dept. Fee paid to MIAD. MIAD # [FYE110].

Fine Arts Minors

The fine arts minor represents a unique program created in collaboration with the nearby Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD). The collaboration offers students the opportunity to enhance creative skills, increase knowledge of the arts and fulfill artistic desires by choosing one of the two 18-credit minors: Fine Arts-Graphic Design or Fine Arts-Studio Art. Each minor offers a unique blend of creative conceptualizing, execution, theory and technology. MIAD is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).