BUAD 1560. Introduction to Statistics and Business Analytics. 4 cr. hrs.

Introduction to statistical and business analytic methods used in the analysis of business decisions. Covers issues involving data and data collection, descriptive statistics and data visualization issues. Reviews the use of probability and probability distributions in business decisions. Introduction to sampling and sampling distributions, development of statistical estimation and statistical inference, including confidence intervals for means and proportions, analysis of variance, and various hypothesis tests. Develops correlation, simple linear regression and introduces simple time series analysis and decision analysis methods Prereq: MATH 1400 or MATH 1450; BUAD 1060 or concurrent enrollment.

Minors Offered


...or GEEN 1210 can be substituted. 2 BUAD 1560 Introduction to Statistics and Business Analytics...

Concentrations and Minors


...MATH 4720 Statistical Methods can substitute for BUAD 1560 Introduction to Statistics and Business Analytics...