Chairperson: Stephen Hudson-Mairet, M.F.A.

The major in digital media (DGMD) is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively navigate a variety of 21st century media positions. Such opportunities exist in commercial radio and television, documentary and narrative film-making, public broadcasting, corporate media, cable communication and associated emergent technology industries. Courses emphasize the hands-on creative use of video and audio in the development of informative and entertaining media content. DGMD majors get a unique balance of theory and practice, emphasizing analysis and understanding of media in addition to the development of such media. Recent DGMD alumni have gone into a variety of careers including producing, sports casting, radio promotions, media management, casting, on-camera presentation and performance, film and corporate video editing. Students interested in broadcast journalism should select journalism as a major, with a minor in digital media.

Digital Media Major

A total of 36 credits of course work must be completed for the major in digital media.

Required Courses

DGMD 2205Introduction to Digital Media Production3
DGMD 2250Intermediate Digital Media Production3
DGMD 2335Introduction to Scriptwriting3
DGMD 3840Film and TV Aesthetics3
COMM 3800Media Law3
COMM 3900Ethical Problems of Mass Communications3
Choose one of the following (History/Criticism/Theory):3
Global Television
Digital Media Law and Policy
Radio and Television History
History of Documentary Film
Television Criticism (l)
Choose one of the following (to be taken Senior year):3
Editing Techniques
Narrative Production
Advanced Scriptwriting
Digital Media Law and Policy
Seminar in Digital Media
12 credits of electives from the following:12
Choose from DGMD courses and/or any of the following:
Acting 1: Fundamental Technique
and Stagecraft Practicum
Basic Costume Technology
and Basic Costume Technology Practicum
Voice and Speech 1
Acting for Camera
Play Direction
Mass Media and the American Family
Mass Communication Theory and Research
Race and Gender Issues in Mass Media
Media Management
Total Credit Hours36

The following courses are also required but do not count as hours in the major:

Choose one of the following:3
Modern Elementary Statistics
Psychological Measurements and Statistics
Social Statistics
Total Credit Hours3

Recommended Areas of Emphasis

In addition to the required sequence, the following courses are strongly recommended for those students who wish to have an emphasis in a specific area within the digital media discipline. Students should choose 6-9 credits as their elective credits.

DGMD 4275Advanced Digital Media Production and Direction3
DGMD 4260Documentary Production3
DGMD 4280Narrative Production3
Total Credit Hours9
DGMD 2555Corporate Media3
DGMD 2565The Business of Entertainment3
DGMD 3610Program Development3
COMM 4600Media Management3
Total Credit Hours12
DGMD 3240Television Performance3
THAR 1100Acting 1: Fundamental Technique3
THAR 2160Voice and Speech 13
Total Credit Hours9
DGMD 3700Global Television3
DGMD 4810Radio and Television History3
DGMD 4845History of Documentary Film3
DGMD 4850Television Criticism3
Total Credit Hours12

Typical Program for Digital Media Majors

First TermHoursSecond TermHours
COMM 1000 or 12003COMM 11003
COMM 10501COMM 1200 or 10003
ENGL 1001 or ESSV1 (MCC)3DGMD 22053
PHIL 1001 or THEO 1001 (MCC)3ENGL 1001 or ESSV1 (MCC)3
Electives6PHIL 1001 or THEO 1001 (MCC)3
 16 15
First TermHoursSecond TermHours
COMM 25003DGMD 22503
DGMD 23353MATH 17003
CORE 1929 (MCC)3Minor or electives6
DSCV (MCC)1, 23DSCV (MCC)1, 23
Minor or elective3 
 15 15
First TermHoursSecond TermHours
DGMD 3840 (or elective)3DGMD 3840 (or elective)3
DGMD electives6COMM 3800 or 39003
DSCV (MCC)1, 23Minor or electives6
Minor or elective3DSCV (MCC)1, 23
 15 15
First TermHoursSecond TermHours
COMM 3800 or 39003DGMD History/Criticism/Theory3
DGMD 4250, 4280, 4345, 4800, or 4953 (Senior Year course)3DGMD elective3
CORE 4929 (MCC)3Major or minor electives8
Major or minor electives6 
 15 14
Total credit hours: 120

Digital Media Minor

Required Courses

DGMD 2205Introduction to Digital Media Production3
DGMD 2250Intermediate Digital Media Production3
Choose at least one of the following (History/Criticism/Theory):3
Global Television
Film and TV Aesthetics
Radio and Television History
Television Criticism
9 credits of electives9
Choose any DGMD courses and/or any of the following:
Acting 1: Fundamental Technique
Voice and Speech 1
Acting for Camera
Media Management
Total Credit Hours18

Some courses under the headings of ADPR, COMM and JOUR may be counted as DGMD electives with departmental approval.


DGMD 2205. Introduction to Digital Media Production. 3 cr. hrs.

Basic audio and video production and post-production techniques used in radio, television, emergent media and online. Prereq: Restricted to Digital Media (DGMD) majors and minors; or cons. of instr.

DGMD 2250. Intermediate Digital Media Production. 3 cr. hrs.

Intermediate audio and video production and post-production techniques used in television, corporate media, emergent media, film and online. Emphasis on skills acquisition and portfolio development. Prereq: DGMD 2205.

DGMD 2335. Introduction to Scriptwriting. 3 cr. hrs.

Students learn to write in the proper script style for a variety of film, radio and television formats. Writing workshop approach.

DGMD 2555. Corporate Media. 3 cr. hrs.

Analysis and practice in the development, acquisition and utilization of electronic media in the corporate world. Emphasis on problems of budget, audience, objectives, evaluation and production as encountered in corporate media communication.

DGMD 2565. The Business of Entertainment. 3 cr. hrs.

Students receive a thorough grounding in the financial processes and economies in the industry to better understand the basic business and operational framework of film and television. Topics covered range from project development and product distribution to forward funding future projects.

DGMD 2710. Sound Design. 3 cr. hrs.

Aesthetics of audio mixing in various program genres (drama, commercial, documentary, interviewing, feature, etc.) utilizing stereo and multi-track consoles and digital effects devices and workstations. Prereq: DGMD 2205; or cons. of instr.

DGMD 2810. Introduction to Audio Storytelling. 3 cr. hrs.

An introduction to podcast genres and audio storytelling techniques; audio gathering, writing and editing, as well as using software to publish podcasts. Includes study of audience demographics, profiles and ratings. Prereq: DGMD 2205.

DGMD 3240. Television Performance. 3 cr. hrs.

Application of performance techniques in radio and television. Extensive in-studio practice. Concentration on performance in radio and television commercials, news anchoring, and interviewing. Prereq: DGMD 2205.

DGMD 3510. Sales and Promotion. 3 cr. hrs.

Methods, organization, compensation, and administration of sales and promotion activities. Motivational and organizational techniques; methods of selling and alternative approaches to market, product, and media analysis. Case study approach.

DGMD 3610. Program Development. 3 cr. hrs.

Planning and development of programs for various media platforms. Development of materials and techniques related to pre-production of programs. Prereq: DGMD major or minor and Jr. stdng.; or cons. of instr.

DGMD 3700. Global Television. 3 cr. hrs.

Explores the historical, social, cultural, political and economic origins of television as a media institution around the world, taking into account the different sources of funding such as commercial, for-profit industries and government initiatives.

DGMD 3840. Film and TV Aesthetics. 3 cr. hrs.

Students explore aesthetics through a variety of film and television texts. Emphasis on developing a critical eye as both a media viewer and producer. Prereq: Soph. stndg.

DGMD 3964. Practicum in Student Media. 1-3 cr. hrs.

Students who work for MUR or MUTV not only gain valuable hands-on experience, but can receive credit. Depending on the hours worked per semester, students earn 1-3 credits. Students earning less than 3 credits can repeat the practicum for a total of 3 credits. S/U grade assessment. Prereq: Cons. of dept. ch. or media director.

DGMD 3986. Internship in Digital Media. 0-3 cr. hrs.

Observation, participation, and experience in a radio, television, cable, or corporate setting. Augmented with selected readings, papers or conferences with adviser. 0 credit will be SNC/UNC grade assessment; 1-3 credit(s) will be S/U grade assessment. Prereq: Cons. of dept. ch.

DGMD 4250. Editing Techniques. 3 cr. hrs.

Develops intermediate and advanced video editing skills. Revolves around the editing of five short to medium length videos that are appropriate for a professional reel or portfolio. A flipped-classroom approach is utilized; students spend time perfecting skills outside of class and demonstrate these skills in class. The history of motion picture editing and relevant editing theories are explored. Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe After Affects and professional color correction software are utilized. Prereq: Jr. stndg.; and DGMD 2250 or cons. of instr.

DGMD 4260. Documentary Production. 3 cr. hrs.

Students create documentary digital media projects that employ non-fiction story structure and advanced techniques of shooting and editing, including hand-held and stationary camera, audio and microphone techniques and field lighting. Students learn documentary theory and history, and also master project research, development, production and editing techniques. By developing individual voice and storytelling techniques, students create original, meaningful non-fiction works. Prereq: DGMD 2205 or cons. of instr.

DGMD 4275. Advanced Digital Media Production and Direction. 3 cr. hrs.

Development of program-length dramatic and non-dramatic in-studio or location productions for television and emergent media distribution. Prereq: DGMD 2205.

DGMD 4280. Narrative Production. 3 cr. hrs.

Create a short film, executing each step of production (pre-production to post-production). Professional film crew roles are stressed. Rotate through many of the technical positions of a small production team (camera operator, sound recordist, gaffer, DIT, editor, etc). Emphasis on skills mastery and portfolio development. Prereq: DGMD 2250 or cons. of instr.

DGMD 4345. Advanced Scriptwriting. 3 cr. hrs.

Development and writing of scripts for television and/or feature films. Includes development of concepts for new television series, miniseries and movies for television, and study of their specific writing requirements, as well as writing for current television series. Writing workshop approach. Prereq: DGMD 2335.

DGMD 4620. Television Programming. 3 cr. hrs.

Analysis of television programming theories. Includes data-based criticisms of different programming strategies. Primary emphasis on prime-time network entertainment programming; includes consideration of effective programming for other "day parts" and news. Students program their own network on the basis of theories and data provided.

DGMD 4800. Digital Media Law and Policy. 3 cr. hrs.

Focuses on contemporary problems in media law and policy. Emphasis is placed on the Internet, mobile and social media, broadcasting, broadband and emerging technologies and on the most current legal and policy controversies and debates affecting those media. Students debate and seek to resolve law and policy problems while also studying and critiquing policymaking processes. Prereq: COMM 3800 or cons. of instr.

DGMD 4810. Radio and Television History. 3 cr. hrs.

Historical, cultural and commercial growth of American radio and television broadcasting, with special emphasis on programming, from pre-commercial beginnings to the present. Key genres, persons, issues and trends in the development of American prime-time television.

DGMD 4820. Advanced Audio Storytelling. 3 cr. hrs.

Development of program-length podcast and audio storytelling programming for professional media distribution throughout the term. Prereq: DGMD 2810.

DGMD 4845. History of Documentary Film. 3 cr. hrs.

An overview and historical exploration of the documentary genre. Traces the history of documentary from its origin with the advent of film to current times, examining major trends in documentary including: early expository documentary, the war years and documentary propaganda, Cinéma vérité, personal cinema and feminist documentary, reality TV and hybrid documentary. Provides students with a foundation in documentary aesthetics, documentary ethics and the emerging field of documentary theory. Includes weekly screenings, discussion and research prompts.

DGMD 4850. Television Criticism. 3 cr. hrs.

Stimulating serious thought about television as a societal force. Examines the major critical approaches that have historically been applied to television programming. Studies major television scholars whose work appears in academic publications and the mass media.

DGMD 4860. Digital Campaign Strategies, Planning and Analysis. 3 cr. hrs.

Examines digital campaigns that focus on political or social action issues. Goal is to develop more informed consumers and critics of political and social action communication campaigns. Exposure to relevant theories, methods and ideas, and application of that knowledge to current campaign activity. Explores how campaigns have changed over time, campaign planning, how attitudes are influenced, opinions are created and behaviors are triggered and campaign design and evaluation.

DGMD 4931. Topics in Digital Media. 1-3 cr. hrs.

Various topics in broadcast and electronic communication to be announced in the Schedule of Classes. Includes extensive screening and/or other activities. Lecture/lab format.

DGMD 4953. Seminar in Digital Media. 1-3 cr. hrs.

Special subjects of seminar to be announced in the Schedule of Classes. Variable topics.

DGMD 4961. Special Institute/Workshop/Project. 1-3 cr. hrs.

Offered for variable credit.

DGMD 4995. Independent Study in Digital Media. 1-3 cr. hrs.

Independent study offered for variable credit. Prereq: Cons. of dept. ch.

DGMD 4999. Senior Thesis. 1-3 cr. hrs.

The application of rigorous methodology in developing and writing a thesis under the direction of an adviser. Prereq: Cons. of dept. ch.