Dental School Policies

Dental students are responsible for complying with the regulations and/or procedures of the School of Dentistry, as described in such documents as the Handbook on Academic Policies and Procedures, Clinic Operations Manual and Comprehensive Patient Care Group Manual, as well as those set forth in the At Marquette student handbook. Copies of these are found online. Violations of regulations found in At Marquette are handled by the Office of Student Development. Copies of At Marquette are obtained at the Office of Student Development. If there is a conflict between the two applicable regulations or procedures, the School of Dentistry regulation/procedure governs. If there are multiple components to a case, the components of the case may be separated and reviewed independently by the appropriate authority (e.g., School of Dentistry, Office of Student Development).

The following policies apply to students in all Dental School programs. 

University Policies

School of Dentistry Policies