Attendance at Commencement exercises is obligatory for all members of the graduating class. Permission to be absent is only granted for compelling reasons. Such requests must be submitted to the dean in writing by May 1. The dean forwards the request for final action to the provost of the university.

Students, who are in good academic standing, meet the appropriate graduation application deadline and complete their degree requirements including the official recording of any transfer work, by the end of the summer term may participate in spring Commencement. Such students may participate in selected May Commencement ceremonies in the School of Dentistry. Students who are required to enroll in any fall term course in the School of Dentistry are specifically prohibited from participating in any May Commencement ceremony for either Marquette University or the School of Dentistry.

The Commencement program is accurate as of the day it is printed and the University reserves the right to make changes to the academic record, if the information contained in the program changes after final grades and degree audits are completed, or other audits reveal the need for a change.