General Degree Requirements

A minimum of 128 credit hours are required for the degree consisting of the following requirements areas:

Area Credit Hours
MCC Requirements 30
Required Cognates 17
Major 78
General Electives 6

Marquette Core Curriculum (MCC)

Refer to the Marquette Core Curriculum (MCC) in the university section of this bulletin for courses that fulfill requirements.  The university allows a maximum of two courses in the Discovery Tier to apply towards a primary major.

College of Nursing Required Cognate Courses

The College of Nursing builds on the foundational educational experience provided by the MCC with a curriculum that challenges students to deepen the knowledge, skills and values imparted to them through the MCC while at the same time developing their proficiency in nursing. The College of Nursing thereby amplifies and extends the students' core academic experiences in addition to focusing further learning on the pursuit of a specialized degree. College of Nursing students are required to take the following courses:

BISC 1015Principles of Human Anatomy and Physiology5
BISC 1060Chemistry for the Health Professions3
BISC 2070Biochemistry for the Health Professions3
PSYC 1001General Psychology3
PSYC 2101Introduction to Life-Span Developmental Psychology for the Health Professions3
Total Credit Hours17

Nursing Major Courses

Refer to the Nursing Major page of this bulletin for the full list of Nursing and Health courses required for the Nursing major.

General Electives

Nursing students are required to take 6 credits of general electives, typically two 3-credit courses. A general elective course is any Marquette course that is not already being used to fulfill an MCC, major or cognate requirement. Students pursuing a minor may use minor courses to count towards the general elective requirement.