Health Sciences (HESC)

HESC 1931  Topics in Health Sciences  (0-3 credits)  
Selected topics in health sciences. Specific topics will be designated in the Schedule of Classes. 0 credit will be SNC/UNC grade assessment; 1-3 credits will be graded.
Level of Study: Undergraduate  
Last four terms offered: 2009 Fall Term, 2009 Summer Term, 2008 Summer Term, 2008 Spring Term  
HESC 3929  Global Brigades Reflective Analysis  (0 credits)  
Provides an opportunity for students who have recently completed a CHS-approved Global Brigade experience with a culture/country different from their own to reflect on issues related to sustainability, empowerment, ethical volunteering and cultural awareness.
Prerequisite: Participation in CHS-approved Global Brigades program.  
Level of Study: Undergraduate  
HESC 4995  Independent Study in Health Sciences  (1-3 credits)  
Faculty-supervised, independent study/research of a specific area or topic in Health Sciences.
Prerequisite: Cons. of dept. ch. and cons. of asst. dean.  
Level of Study: Undergraduate  
Last four terms offered: 2012 Spring Term, 2011 Spring Term, 2009 Fall Term, 2008 Summer Term