Accelerated Degree Programs

Certain undergraduate programs, in partnership with the Graduate School, Graduate School of Management or Professional Schools, offer bachelor's to master's or bachelor's to professional degrees in an accelerated format.

Programs administered through the Graduate School

Programs administered through the Graduate School of Management (GSM)

  • Accounting; B.S. and M.S.A. for information visit the Accounting website.
  • Economics; B.S. and M.S.A.E. for information visit the Economics website.
  • Human Resources; B.S. and M.S.H.R. for information visit the Human Resources website.
  • Psychology; B.A. and M.S.H.R for information visit the Human Resources website.
  • Accounting, Biological Sciences, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biocomputing Engineering, Bioelectronics Engineering, Biomechanics Engineering, Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Construction Engineering, Economics, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Exercise Physiology, Human Resources, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Physics or Physiological Sciences; B.S., B.M.E., B.C.E, B.C.N., B.C.O., B.E.E, or B.M.E and M.B.A. for information visit the M.B.A. website.

Programs administered by the College of Health Science Professional

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy; D.P.T.
  • Master of Athletic Training; M.A.T.R.
  • Master of Physician Assistant Studies; M.P.A.

Pre-dental Scholars and Pre-law Scholars programs are discussed in detail in the Academic Programs section of the Undergraduate Bulletin.