The staff in Marquette Central is dedicated to serving our students and families in a professional and friendly manner while following the policies and procedures set forth by the university. The office provides accurate and timely information about each student accounts while encouraging our students to be active participants in managing their account.

Marquette University sends a monthly electronic billing statement to students that have an account balance. Students may also view their e-bill via CheckMarq. Payment due dates are available on the Marquette Central website. The final step to complete registration is payment in full of all fees for the term. It is the responsibility of students to pay tuition, fees and housing by the published due date whether they receive a bill or not.

Students who do not plan to attend the university are responsible for dropping classes through CheckMarq and notifying their respective college office. All courses for which students are officially registered as of the close of registration are subject to tuition, fee assessment and payment, and as such appear as part of their permanent record even if the student does not attend any class periods. To avoid unnecessary charges and permanent failing or withdrawn grades on their permanent record, it is the responsibility of students to review their official registration prior to the end of registration for the session in which the course is scheduled and ensure it accurately reflects the courses in which they plan to be enrolled. Students assume responsibility for the consequences that ensue as a result of any failed or withdrawal grade. These consequences include but are not limited to: a delay in graduation, dismissal from the degree program, denial of readmission, external institutions/entities viewing these grades as failing grades, loss of eligibility for certain scholarships and/or financial aid, loss of full-time status and/or loss of a refund.

Registration is not considered complete until all tuition and fees are paid, enrolls in the Marquette Monthly Payment Plan, or submits a billing authorization from an approved sponsor. Students whose accounts reflect that the payment has not been made, or that are otherwise delinquent have a registration block, transcript block and diploma block placed on their accounts. There is a $100.00 fee for the removal of the block. Failure to pay any balance when due may result in the cancellation of their registration for the current academic term, referral of the account to a collection agency, legal action to collect any balance due or any combination thereof. If the university must take legal action to collect any unpaid balance, students are responsible for all fees and costs incurred by the university to collect the unpaid balance.

Payment Options

Traditional Term Payment

Payment of all tuition and other billed charges is due in full prior to the beginning of each term.

  • Cash and checks are acceptable methods of payment.
  • Electronic payment (direct debit from checking or savings account) may be made by accessing the link on the Make a payment page on the Marquette Central website.
  • Credit card payment is available through a third-party provider. The service fee for using this service is variable depending on the amount of the charge. This service may be accessed through the link on the Make a payment page of the Marquette Central website or by calling (866) 893-4518.

Marquette Monthly Payment Plan

Marquette offers a payment plan during the fall and spring terms administered by Tuition Management Systems Inc. The Marquette Monthly Payment Plan allows students and their families to pay tuition, fees, university housing and/or meal charges in five equal monthly installments. There is a $35 per term enrollment fee, but there are no interest charges involved.

Payment by a University Approved Third-Party Sponsor

The Office of the Bursar works with students who receive tuition assistance through a third party. The third party is billed for all or part of a student’s financial account charges after the university registration add/drop date.
Note: If your employer requires grades prior to paying for a class, we cannot set them up as a third-party sponsor.


Program Cost
Doctoral Physical Therapy (DPT) - this rate applies to program years four through six $22,235.00 / term
Physician Assistant (PHAS) $20,645.00 / term
Biomedical Sciences Certificate (12-month program) - billed $9,785 summer 2018, fall 2018, and spring 2019 $29,355.00 total cost of program
Clinical Lab Sciences Certificate - fall/spring $850.00/credit hour
Clinical Lab Sciences Certificate - summer $1,000.00 flat rate
Master of Athletic Training - billed $7,700 summer 2018, $15,400 fall 2018 and spring 2019 $38,500.00 / year


The Office of University Apartments and Off-campus Student Services (UAOCSS) exists to assist current and prospective Marquette students in their search for apartment housing on and around the Marquette campus. Our office provides a comprehensive, searchable website to help you locate appropriate housing around the Marquette campus. This website is the primary resource students use to find housing in the near-Marquette neighborhood. In order to be listed on our site, a property must be located within the Marquette University Police Department patrol area. The site not only lists a majority of the properties located in the immediate Marquette neighborhood, but it also offers useful information on safety, budgeting and campus and community resources. In addition to the website, the UAOCSS is located at 1500 W. Wells Street and is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Meal Plans

Meal plans are available for purchase through the Office of Residence Life and are automatically renewed for the second term unless cancelled through the office. Costs are per term.

Meal Cost
Anytime Dining $2,195.00
50 Meals (commuters only) $410.00

Refunds and Adjustments

Students who have prepaid charges but do not register for classes are given a full refund, less applicable non-refundable deposits. Students who register for classes and subsequently change their course load through either a partial withdrawal from courses or a complete withdrawal from the university have adjustments made to their student accounts. The date on which the Withdrawal form is submitted to the university is the date used for any refund calculation. Students assume responsibility for the consequences that ensue as a result of any withdrawal grade. These consequences include but are not limited to: a delay in graduation, dismissal from degree program, external/entities viewing these grades as failing grades, loss of eligibility for certain scholarships and/or financial aid, loss of full-time status and/or loss of a refund. See this bulletin for a full description of withdrawal procedures.

After the first class, laboratory and special course fees are non-refundable. Tuition deposits are non-refundable but are applied toward first term tuition charges.

Refunds for tuition and board are given based on the following schedules:

Refund Condition
100% Through registration
80% During second week
60% During Third week
40% During fourth week
20% During fifth week
No Refund After fifth week