Student media at Marquette operates out of the newly renovated, state-of-the-art facilities in Johnston Hall and provides opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to develop skills and gain experience creating multimedia content in different genres and using different storytelling tools and platforms. All student media operations are organized under the umbrella of the Marquette Wire ( – a continuously updated website that also serves as a portal to the other divisions of student media, all of which are staffed and managed by students, with professional advice and some administrative assistance provided by a full-time faculty member. The College Media Association recently named the Marquette Wire one of the top five student media organizations in the country.

Marquette Journal

The Marquette Journal is a magazine published several times a year, both online and in print, that provides a platform for in-depth reporting, features, photography, fiction, poetry and graphic arts projects. The Journal seeks to promote creative expression and intellectual exploration while offering opportunities for students to gain experience in magazine editing, writing, design and production.

Marquette Radio (MUR)

Marquette Radio provides music, news, sports, talk and entertainment content that is streamed live via the Wire and is distributed to residence halls and other campus buildings via cable. Students gain experience in audio news production, announcing, program development and management. The staff also produces live radio play-by-play coverage of Marquette sporting events. 

Marquette Tribune

The Marquette Tribune has been the official campus newspaper since 1916 and has won hundreds of state, regional and national awards for excellence. It is published weekly during the school year and provides news, opinion, features and entertainment of interest to students, faculty, staff and alumni of the university. It also publishes long-form investigative articles. Much of its content also appears on the Wire and is regularly distributed via social media.

Marquette University Television (MUTV)

MUTV is an entirely student-run station that provides news, sports and entertainment programming to the campus community via campus cable channel 4.1, and to general audiences via the Wire and YouTube. Students use state-of-the-art facilities, including cutting-edge virtual set technology, to produce weekly half-hour news, sports and entertainment television programs. Students also produce live play-by-play broadcasts of sporting events throughout the year.

Marquette Wire

The Wire serves as the principal source of news, sports, opinion, entertainment and investigative content for the Marquette community. The staff takes a digital-first approach to news reporting and often breaks stories on the Wire and through the use of social media to provide readers with the timeliest information possible. Student media staff members also take advantage of this online platform to present stories blending text, audio, video and graphics.