The Diederich College of Communication offers majors in advertising, communication studies, corporate communication, digital media, film and media studies, journalism, public relations, and theatre arts. The college also offers a fully online major in business communication. Specific major requirements and typical four-year programs are listed within each of the major sections.

Students who have not chosen their major at the time of admission to the college should do so no later than the second term of the sophomore year. Advisers are assigned to students based on the major. Students can declare their major in the college records office.


Students in the Diederich College of Communication are required to complete a minor or second major except those majoring in business communication or those transferring in 60 or more credits. Some students choose a minor outside of the communication field, such as an advertising major with a marketing minor, or a communication studies major with a psychology minor. Other students choose a minor within communication, such as a journalism major with a digital media minor, or a theatre major with a public relations minor. Minors are listed by college within this bulletin, and the Diederich College of Communication offers minors in advertising, communication studies, corporate communication, digital media, public relations and theatre arts, as well as dance, film and media studies, fine arts and music. Some restrictions may apply when combining majors and minors within the college. 

Students can also complete an interdisciplinary minor composed of a minimum of 18 hours of course work complementary to the major. Courses which comprise the interdisciplinary minor are selected by the student, approved by the adviser and subject to the approval of the Diederich College of Communication undergraduate curriculum committee and the associate dean for academic affairs.