General Degree Requirements

Candidates for the baccalaureate degree must complete a minimum of 120 credit hours including the following requirements:

Area Credit Hours
Marquette Core Curriculum 30
Diederich College of Communication Curriculum 13
Major 36-48
Minor (or Second Major) 18-24

Marquette Core Curriculum (MCC)

Refer to the Marquette Core Curriculum (MCC) in the university section of this bulletin for courses that fulfill requirements. The university allows a maximum of two courses in the Discovery Tier to apply towards a primary major.

Diederich College of Communication Curriculum

The Diederich College of Communication builds on the foundational educational experience provided by the MCC. It does this through a college curriculum that amplifies and deepens the knowledge, skills and values imparted to students in the MCC, and by offering students the opportunity to develop specialized knowledge and skills in a variety of undergraduate majors and minors. The Diederich College of Communication thereby extends students' academic experiences, and focuses further learning in pursuit of a specialized degree. College of Communication students are required to take the following courses:

COMM 1000Foundations of Human Communication, Culture and Society3
COMM 1050Communication Pathways1
COMM 1100Professional Communication3
COMM 1200Media in Society3
COMM 2500Communication Research3
Total Credit Hours13

Minor Requirement

Students in the Diederich College of Communication are required to complete a minor or second major except those majoring in strategic communication or those transferring in 60 or more credits. More information regarding minors is contained in the Majors and Minors Overview section of this bulletin.