Director: Jane Peterson, Ph.D.

The Culture, Health and Illness minor is designed to provide students the opportunity to examine health and illness from an integrated, social science perspective. Students pursuing this minor learn to identify and analyze the social and cultural factors that influence how people from diverse backgrounds perceive and experience health and illness.

A minor in Culture, Health and Illness provides students an appreciation for the social determinants of health. This prepares them not only for advanced degrees in medical and nursing professions, but also for future careers and degrees in public health, health advocacy, health policy, health ethics, health care administration and gerontology.

Culture, Health and Illness Minor

The Interdisciplinary minor in Culture, Health and Illness consists of a total of six courses (18 credits); two required courses (6 credits) and four elective courses (12 credits) as listed below.

Required Courses
Choose one of the following:3
Being Human
Introduction to Biological Anthropology
Principles of Sociology
Choose one of the following:3
Culture, Health and Illness
Race, Gender and Medicine
Elective Courses
Choose four courses from the following. At least two of the following disciplines must be represented: ANTH, CRLS, POSC/BISC, PSYC, SOCI, SOWJ.12
Theories and Practice of Health and Intervention:
Human Osteology and Odontology
Politics of U.S. Health Care
Politics of U.S. Health Care
Comparative Health Politics and Policy
Comparative Health Politics and Policy
Human Sexuality
Abnormal Psychology
Sociology of the Life Course
Human Behavior in the Social Environment
Sociology of Mental Illness
Social and Structural Determinants of Health:
Urban Anthropology
Culture Change and Development
Health Psychology
Social Problems in Urban Society
Race and Family
Men, Masculinities and Health
Urban Sociology
Immigrants and their Communities
Global Aid and Humanitarianism
Epidemiology of Violence:
Domestic Violence in the United States
Sex Offenses and Offenders
The Psychology of Prejudice
Sociology of Aging
Social Inequality
Victim Services and Policies
Total Credit Hours18