Director: Lisa Petrella, Ph.D.

Bioinformatics is a field that lies at the intersection of biology, statistics and computer science and is focused on the analysis of large biological datasets. This interdisciplinary major gives students training of sufficient depth in both biology and computer science that they are competent to approach problems in bioinformatics from the perspective of both parent fields.

Bioinformatics Major

The major consists of nine required courses in Biological Sciences (26-27 credit hours), six required courses in Computer Science (20 credit hours) three required courses in Math and Statistics (10 credit hours) and the required Bioinformatics capstone (3 credits) for a total of 59-60 credit hours as well as three required cognate courses in Chemistry (12 credit hours).

Required Courses
Biology courses:
BIOL 1001General Biology 13
BIOL 1002General Biology 23
BIOL 3101Biochemistry and the Molecular Basis of Biology3
BIOL 3201Genetics3
BIOL 3301Cell Biology3
BIOL 4201Genomics and Bioinformatics3
Upper division BIOL course3
BIOL lab courses: choose two from the following:6
Foundations in Biological Inquiry
Experimental Molecular Biology
Experimental Genetics
Experimental Cell Biology
Computer Science courses:
COSC 1010Introduction to Software Development4
COSC 1020Object-Oriented Software Design4
COSC 2100Data Structures3
COSC 3090Bioinformatics Algorithms3
COSC 4610Data Mining3
COSC 4800Principles of Database Systems3
Mathematics and Statistics courses:
MATH 1450Calculus 14
MATH 4740Biostatistical Methods and Models3
or MATH 4720 Statistical Methods
MATH 2100Discrete Mathematics3
or MATH 2350 Foundations of Mathematics
INBI 4997Capstone in Bioinformatics 3
Total Credit Hours:60
Required Cognate Courses:
CHEM 1001General Chemistry 14
or CHEM 1013 General Chemistry 1 for Majors
CHEM 1002General Chemistry 24
or CHEM 1014 General Chemistry 2 for Majors
CHEM 2111Organic Chemistry 14
or CHEM 2113 Organic Chemistry for Majors 1
Total Credit Hours:12

Typical Program for Bioinformatics Majors

First TermHoursSecond TermHours
ARSC 19531BIOL 10023
BIOL 10013BIOL 1101 or ELECTIVE13
COSC 10104COSC 10204
MATH 14504MATH 2100 or 23503
ENGL 1001 or ESSV1 (MCC)3ENGL 1001 or ESSV1 (MCC)3
 15 16
First TermHoursSecond TermHours
BIOL 33013BIOL 32013
CHEM 1001 or 10134CHEM 1002 or 10144
MATH 47403COSC 21003
CORE 1929 (MCC)3PHIL 1001 or THEO 1001 (MCC)3
PHIL 1001 or THEO 1001 (MCC)3DSCV (MCC)3,43
 16 16
First TermHoursSecond TermHours
BIOL 31013COSC 46103
COSC 30903BIOL upper division elective3
COSC 48003BIOL lab course3
CHEM 2111 or 21134DSCV (MCC)3,43
DSCV (MCC)3,43Elective53
 16 15
First TermHoursSecond TermHours
BIOL 42013INBI 49973
BIOL lab course or elective53CORE 4929 (MCC) or elective3
CORE 4929 (MCC) or elective3Electives7
DSCV (MCC)3,43 
 15 13
Total Credit Hours: 122