MU Student Nurses Association (MUSNA)

The Marquette University College of Nursing Student Nurses Association (MUSNA) functions as a liaison between the college and the Marquette University Student Government. It coordinates and promotes student activities within the college. The association also is the university chapter of the Wisconsin Student Nurses Association, a constituent organization of the National Student Nurses Association.

Honor Society

Sigma Theta Tau, International is an international professional honor society with constituent chapters in collegiate schools of nursing. The Delta Gamma at Large Chapter at the College of Nursing is open to students, faculty and community leaders. Candidates enrolled in the College of Nursing must have junior or senior standing and are selected on the basis of superior scholastic achievement, potential leadership qualities and desirable personal qualifications.

Faculty and registered nurses in the community are selected on the basis of special interest in Sigma Theta Tau, International and marked achievement in the field of nursing.