Amount and Quality of Work

Candidates for a degree must earn the required number of credits for their major and a minimum number of quality points equal to twice the number of credit hours attempted at Marquette (C average). Students may earn credits but not quality points from another institution. All students must earn at least a C average (2.000 GPA) in their Marquette work.

A bachelor of science degree in the College of Health Sciences requires a minimum of 128 credit hours. Students must earn a minimum grade point average and minimum course grade as required for their major(s) and minor(s). Student who receive a grade below the minimum grade required for a course in their major or minor may be required to repeat the course before progressing in the curriculum sequence. Credit is never given twice for the same course. Students must consult the area of the bulletin of their chosen major and minor for specific graduation requirements.

Students must fulfill all degree requirements areas including the Marquette Core Curriculum (MCC), college/department cognates, major curriculum requirements and sufficient elective credits to satisfy total degree credit requirements. Certain combinations of majors/minors and early/direct admission curricula may exceed the minimum 128 total credits hours. It is the responsibility of students to utilize their Graduation Checklist in CheckMarq to understand and fulfill all degree requirements. 

Applicants for graduation must submit the online application for graduation via their CheckMarq account by the date noted on the Academic Calendar. (typically due in February to walk in Spring Commencement of the same year).

The College of Health Sciences adheres to the University Graduation Requirements Policy and the University Commencement Policy in this bulletin.