General Information

Students in the College of Education are expected to comply with the academic requirements and regulations listed in the university section of this bulletin and must fulfill the graduation requirements stated in the bulletin in effect the year they entered Marquette. 

Students who have interrupted their enrollment from the university typically follow the degree requirements listed in the bulletin in effect during the academic year of their return. Policies and regulations in effect at the time of return apply to all students, regardless of the term of initial enrollment. 

It is the responsibility of students to know and fulfill all university, College of Education and major department requirements. 

Academic Dismissal/Probation/Academic Alert (CAA)

Academic Dismissal

The College of Education adheres to the University Academic Censure Policy.

College Probation

Undergraduate students in the College of Education may be placed on academic probation for the following:

  • overall GPA is below 2.500 after the completion of one term of course work
  • overall GPA is below 2.600 after the completion of at least two terms of course work
  • term GPA is below 2.000, regardless of overall GPA or number of terms completed

College Academic Alert (CAA)

Students admitted to the College of Education are expected to meet college academic standards and maintain good academic standing. Academic performance is monitored carefully by the Teacher Education Academic Review Committee, and students either not maintaining steady progress or not demonstrating adequate achievement are barred from future registration by a College Academic Alert (CAA) registration hold.

The basis for committee review are:

  • grade point average (GPA) deficiency
  • inadequate progress
  • grades of C-, D+, D, F, I, U, UNC, ADW, UW, W, WA or WF
  • the number of terms on college probation
  • the violation of special conditions

Special conditions may be prescribed in writing at the time of students' admission, readmission or transfer into the college. Conditions may also be prescribed in writing in the case of students whose course performance or failure to follow academic advice warrants such action. All students to whom conditions have been specified are subject to committee review and possible CAA restriction should they fail to fulfill the specified terms. It is possible that students can be barred from registration for academic reasons even though the cumulative GPA exceeds 2.000. Students concerned about their academic progress should consult the college office.

Students placed on CAA status are notified by letter or email of the committee’s decision and of the appeal process. If the appeal is denied, students may request to enroll in another college via the process outlined in the University Academic Censure Policy, and if accepted, the CAA hold is removed after admission into the new college.

Unless the CAA is removed via the individual colleges' appeal process, students may not register for courses at Marquette and may be dropped from any classes for future terms in which they are registered.


Because absence from class prevents a student from getting the full benefit of a course and because in many courses, each student’s involvement contributes to the learning process for all other students in the class, the college has adopted the University Attendance Policy for all of its undergraduate courses.

Background Checks, Drug Testing

A criminal background check is required of students prior to participation in field work, service learning and student teaching. In addition, applicants for Wisconsin state teaching licensure are checked through the Wisconsin Criminal Investigation Bureau. Drug testing may also be required. The results of these checks and/or tests affect the student’s eligibility to participate in field work, service learning and/or student teaching.

Coaching Courses

Students may seek to enhance their job opportunities by enrolling in coaching courses: EDUC 1600 Principles, Problems and Psychology of Coaching and EDUC 1800 Theory and Practice in Coaching Team Sports.

Field Experiences/Service Learning

Elementary/Middle and Middle/Secondary majors participate in field experiences at public, private and parochial schools in the Milwaukee area. Marquette University’s College of Education has established close, working relationships with several schools in the greater Milwaukee area. Educational Studies majors participate in service-learning experiences and complete a senior internship experience. Placements are made at sites which correspond to and support students' second major and career interests.

Retention in Program

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction requires that students achieve a cumulative 2.750 GPA and a 2.750 GPA in their ELME or MISE major, content major, and minor as well as obtain passing scores on the appropriate Praxis Subject Assessment content area test (if applicable) and Foundations of Reading Test (ELME majors only) in order to be approved for student teaching and to be licensed. The College of Education does not accept courses with a grade of C- or lower to meet the requirement in the professional education sequence. Courses with these grades must be repeated. See the University Repeated Courses Policy. Anyone with questions related to admission or retention should contact the Office of Teacher Education. For more information see the College of Education Undergraduate Student Handbook located on the College of Education website.

Other Academic Regulations

For information on additional university academic regulations, consult the Academic Regulations section in this bulletin.