Marquette offers several special housing options that bring together students with common majors or common interest, both with and without required course that are a hallmark of the living learning programs. Each option is listed, including how to join these programs.

Dorothy Day

The Dorothy Day Social Justice Living Learning Community is an opportunity for sophomore students to live on a floor in Straz Tower and focus on creating positive social change. The curricular and service components are enhanced by out-of-classroom experiences which bring students together in meaningful reflection on concepts taught in the classroom, in their service experiences and other experiences that help shed light on the meaning of justice in their lives. 

Participants take one class with fellow community members each term:

The courses include a service-learning component designed to enhance students' academic experience through engagement with Milwaukee. Spend your sophomore year living with others who have similar goals: advocating for justice issues, whether poverty or fair trade, the environment or education. For more information visit the Dorothy Day Social Justice Community.

Engineering Community

Three floors of Eckstein Tower in our newest residence hall are reserved for incoming engineering students and can accommodate approximately 65 students. The College of Engineering partners with the Office of Residence Life, with faculty participating in informal programs with the students in the hall. Students are typically enrolled in the same classes and prove to be helpful to one another academically and socially. For more information visit the Engineering Community.

Honors Community

All 100 freshman honors students have the opportunity to live together, as do returning sophomores. Often enrolled in the same classes, these students participate in study groups, attend in-hall programs featuring the faculty they meet in the classroom, and sponsor a variety of out-of class events and activities. For more information visit the Living Learning Communities and select either first-year or second-year communities as appropriate.

Nursing Community

One floor in our all-female residence hall is reserved for 30 incoming nursing students who sponsor a variety of social programs with the faculty as well as pre-exam study sessions. Faculty report that these students are generally more engaged with their academic program than those not living on the floor. To be a part of this community in Cobeen Hall, please select this preference as an option on your Housing application. For more information visit the Nursing Community.

Spanish Language and Cultures 

This Living-Learning Community is intended to provide a living environment where students can practice speaking Spanish and learn about Latinx cultures by participating in events and activities on the Marquette campus and in surrounding Milwaukee communities. This community can accommodate a select group of 24 first- and second-year students who are housed together in Straz Tower. Eligible students include those who are native or heritage Spanish speakers and those who have completed or who have enrolled in SPAN 3001 Advanced Communication in Spanish during the fall term, or have placed out of this course. For more information visit the Spanish Languages and Cultures Community.