Master in Management

Program Director: Dr. Gary Adams, Ph.D.
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Degree Offered

Master in Management (MiM), Plan B Non-Thesis option only.

Program Description

The Management (MGMT) program (MiM degree) is a 30-credit program designed to develop leadership skills related to the management and development of human capital, organizational development and change management practices that generate positive organizational results. organizations. Its curriculum reflects a forward‐looking view of human capital as equal to financial and physical capital in enhancing the competitiveness of any organization. The master in management program is accredited by the Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB-International) and reflects the high standards and expectations of that accreditation.

Prerequisite for Admission

Applicants to leadership studies must hold a baccalaureate degree, or its academic equivalent, from an accredited college or university. The undergraduate background must be appropriate to the chosen course of study. Generally, applicants should have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.000 (on a scale of 4.000) in their undergraduate course work. Minimally two years of work experience is preferred.

Application Requirements

Applicants must submit, directly to the Graduate School of Management:

  • A completed online application form and $50 fee
  • Official transcripts from all current and previous colleges except Marquette
  • Official test scores from the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Records Exam (GRE)

GRE Institution code: 5786 (no department code needed)

GMAT Institution code: 1448

See the GMAT/GRE Waiver policy to see if you're eligible for a waiver

  • Essay questions on the application form (optional for MSAE, required for all others)
  • Resume or job profile
  • Two letters of recommendation are required for the Executive MBA and MS in Applied Economics as well as students that are applying for financial aid. Letters of recommendation are optional for the MBA, Master in Management, Accounting/Accounting Analytics and MA Corporate Communication programs.

Additional requirements for international applicants only (an international student is defined as an applicant who is not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident):

  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Official TOEFL score or other acceptable proof of English Proficiency
  • Possible interview required

Note: Temporary non-degree applicants (admission is valid for one term only) must submit all of the above, except the GMAT or GRE scores. Temporary non-degree status is not available to international students. International applicants must apply for regular degree admission status.

All application materials should be sent to:

Graduate School of Management
Holthusen Hall, Third Floor
Marquette University
P.O. Box 1881
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881

or by courier to:  Marquette University Graduate School of Management; 1324 W. Wisconsin Ave., Room 305; Milwaukee, WI 53233

Master in Management

The MiM (Master in Management) degree requires a minimum of 30-credit hours.  24 hours of required core and 6 hours of elective.

Required core (24 credits)

HURE 6105Human Resources/Organizational Development Analytics3
HURE 6170Managing Human Capital3
or MANA 6110 Managing Behavior in Organizations
HURE 6210Organizational Development3
HURE 6535Diversity and Inclusion in Global Organizations3
HURE 6590Human Capital Strategy3
MBA 6120Concepts for Ethical Business Practice1.5
MBA 6140Leading People and Change1.5
MBA 6160Leadership Coaching and Development1.5
MANA 6125Negotiations3
MANA 6997Management Capstone 1.5
Total Credit Hours24


BUAD 6000Accounting and Finance for the Non-Financial Manager3
BUAD 6005Economic Foundations for Marketing Decisions3
HURE 5931Topics in Human Resources1-3
HURE 6931Topics in Human Resource Management1-3
INBUI 6931Topics in International Business-International3
INSY 6153Project Management3
LEDR 6115Character Driven Leadership3
LEDR 6931Topics in Leadership Studies1-3
MANA 6114Teambuilding Skills1.5
MANA 6931Topics in Management1-3
MBA 6130Corporate Social Responsibility1.5
MBA 6150Leading Innovation and Creativity1.5
SPLE 6400Sport Management 3
SPLE 6700NCAA: Exploring Current Issues3
Graduate level elective - career specific electives approved by program director

Accelerated Bachelor's-Master's degree Program

The program is aimed at individuals with an undergraduate degree in any field, technical or non-technical, who seek to gain a deeper understanding and development of thoughtful leadership around managing and leading people. Current Marquette University undergraduate students may take up to 9 credit hours of graduate-level courses and may start as early as their junior year. 

These graduate credits count for both the undergraduate and graduate degrees. Should a student be denied admission to the master in management program, the courses will be counted toward the undergraduate degree only. A minimum grade of B is required for courses taken as an undergraduate student for graduate credit to apply toward graduate program requirements. Upon completion of the first term as a master's candidate, the student must petition the Graduate School of Management to transfer the courses taken as an undergraduate to the master's degree.

To be considered for admission to the five-year program, applicants must formally apply to the Graduate School of Management during their senior year at Marquette University, complete all of the application requirements as listed above and indicate on their application that they are applying for the five-year ADP program. For more information, contact the Graduate School of Management at (414) 288-7145 or send an email to


MANA 5100. Ethics in Sport Leadership. 3 cr. hrs.

Examines ethics in sports from the perspective of the individual, athletic administrator and sport industry as a whole. Issues addressed include sport as tool for peacemaking; competition and fair play; cheating; social aspects of sport; and other trending topics. Learn to examine and reflect upon multiple sides of ethical dilemmas and build capabilities for ethical decision making. Prereq: Admitted to the graduate ACCO, BUAD, ECON, MANA, CCOM, or SPLE program; or con. of M.B.A. prog. dir.

MANA 5931. Topics in Organizational Management. 3 cr. hrs.

Topics vary. Prereq: Admitted to ACCO, BUAD, ECON, HCTM, HURE, LEDR, MGMT or NURS program; or cons. of M.B.A. prog. dir. Other prerequisites vary depending on topic.

MANA 6110. Managing Behavior in Organizations. 3 cr. hrs.

Designed to: 1) examine and evaluate existing leadership theories, 2) survey topical issues and new developments in the leadership area, and 3) develop students' leadership skills and abilities. Motivation and leadership concepts are used to analyze, diagnose, and make decisions about various organizational situations. Primary focus on case analysis. Lectures and discussions are also used to provide perspective on assigned reading. Prereq: Admitted to the graduate ACCO, BUAD, ECON, HCTM, HURE, MGMT or NURS program and MBA 6140 or MBA 6160; or cons. of M.B.A. prog. dir.

MANA 6114. Teambuilding Skills. 1.5 cr. hr.

Provides the opportunity to practice and improve team-related skills. Focuses on learning and developing skills and behaviors involving understanding team dynamics, problem solving in teams, group communication, developing high performing teams, and understanding the challenges/opportunities of working in virtual teams. Exercises and group activities emphasize the differences between individual and group goals and provide students with the opportunity to practice team-based skills. Written work is intended to reinforce concepts and assist students in the transfer of learning into both academic and workplace environments. Prereq: Admitted to graduate BUAD and MGMT program; or cons. of M.B.A. prog. dir.

MANA 6115. Change Leadership in Self and Organizations. 3 cr. hrs.

Focuses on ways to motivate and structure change in individuals and organizations. Students are asked to analyze examples from their own work experience. Change issues in a variety of organizational environments are addressed and analyzed in terms of published case studies. Students select and pursue a goal for self-change as a means of applying and integrating the concepts learned throughout the course. Course work may include: reflection papers, online discussions, case analyses, topic papers/projects, multiple choice quizzes, and/or essay exams. Individuals with some full-time work experience are likely to gain the most from the class. Prereq: Admitted to graduate ACCO, BUAD, ECON, HCTM, HURE, LEDR, MGMT or NURS program and MBA 6140 and MBA 6160; or cons. of M.B.A. prog. dir.

MANA 6120. Managing and Leading in Turbulent Times. 3 cr. hrs.

Discusses significant issues that all managers and leaders face in regards to the people they lead and report to in challenging times. Some specific topics include issues for new managers (motivation, conflict, difficult conversations and transitioning from peer to leader), issues for all leaders (How do/will you lead?, leading change) and career issues (developing upward influence, the need for different skills as you advance). Also incorporates topics that students request. Prereq: Admitted to graduate ACCO, BUAD, ECON, HCTM, MGMT program; or cons. of M.B.A. prog. dir.

MANA 6125. Negotiations. 3 cr. hrs.

Provides a comprehensive investigation of the process and dynamics surrounding a diverse variety of negotiations and conflict resolution efforts. Both academic models of negotiations and actual events, historical and contemporary, are examined in detail. Strategies and tactics for achieving objectives, limiting losses and maintaining positive relations are emphasized in light of radically changing social and business climates. Methods for becoming an effective negotiator are presented through both analytical frameworks and experiential opportunities. Cost benefit assessment of negotiations are developed in the actual costing of an agreement and the impact of failing to achieve an agreement and having to resort to alternative options. Prereq: Admitted to the graduate ACCO, BUAD, ECON, HCTM, MGMT or NURS program; or cons. of M.B.A. prog. dir.

MANA 6140. International Management. 3 cr. hrs.

Directed toward practicing managers who wish to build cross-cultural competence and develop a deeper understanding of contemporary issues in international management (e.g., management of cross-border mergers, acquisitions and alliances; transfer of best practices across organizational and national boundaries). Grounded in theory, yet focuses on the implications of these issues for managers and their organizations. Class activities are comprised of lectures, case analyses, videos, a cultural simulation exercise, and interactive activities and discussions. Prereq: Admitted to the graduate ACCO, BUAD, CCOM, ECON, HCTM, HURE, LEDR, MGMT or NURS program; or cons. of M.B.A. prog. dir.

MANA 6931. Topics in Management. 1-3 cr. hrs.

Topics vary. Prereq: Admitted to the graduate ACCO, BUAD, ECON, HCTM, HURE, LEDR, MGMT or NURS program; MBA 6140 and MBA 6160; or cons. of M.B.A. prog. dir. Prerequisites vary depending on topic.

MANA 6953. Seminar in Management. 1-3 cr. hrs.

Topics vary. Prereq: Admitted to the graduate ACCO, BUAD, CCOM, ECON, HCTM, HURE, LEDR, MGMT or NURS program and two from MBA 6140, MBA 6150 or MBA 6160; or cons. of M.B.A. prog. dir. Prerequisites vary depending on topic.

MANA 6995. Independent Study in Management. 1-3 cr. hrs.

Prereq: Admitted to the graduate ACCO, BUAD, CCOM, ECON, HCTM, HURE, LEDR, MGMT or NURS program and MBA 6140 and MBA 6160; and cons. of M.B.A. prog. dir.

MANA 6997. Management Capstone. 1.5 cr. hr.

Brings together all of the major concepts covered in the MGMT program to create a culminating experience that provides students the opportunity to put their learning into action. Students work with an organization to help diagnose and address a real-life problem. The problems are focused in areas related to human capital management and organizational development practices. Prereq: Admitted to graduate MGMT program.